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Nyan Nyan Kamen


Who is Nyan Nyan kamen? Nyan Nyan Kamen is an AKB48 Member from Year 22XX. She submitted her sousenkyou application on 23 March 2016 4PM JST.


Reference: http://ameblo.jp/akihabara48/entry-12142385440.html and http://ameblo.jp/akihabara48/entry-12147145258.html

Rumors said that She is Kojima Haruna in disguise or some graduates in disguise. However the identity of  Nyan Nyan Kamen was leaked by Kojima Haruna by accident on Twitter.


The tweet was removed few minutes after the post. The official identity was only revealed in the SSK 2016 Book.


A twitter account is created as well: https://twitter.com/nyan2kamen

What make it even funnier is the SSK appeal video. Kojima Haruna appeared only at the last few seconds in the video.

Many AKB48 fans raged on her troll actions and there are fans who were happy that she run this election as well. It might be a gimmick or it may be an agreement between Kojima Haruna and the management or a hint to something. We do not know the real reason behind this.

AKB48 Official Channel uploaded Story of Nyan Nyan Kamen Episode 01 as well. Ermm… look like a parody.. oh well.. She will also participate in Both Stage Fighter and AKB Otoge game.


Anyway, lets talk about the Top 5 Reasons to vote for Nyan Nyan Kamen!

  1. Kojima Haruna Look alike
  2. She came from the future 😀
  3. She make the election more interesting
  4. This may be her 1st and last SSK
  5. This may be “Kojima Haruna” Last SSK

As a fellow AKB48 fans, please give her your support too 😀

nyan nyan kamen

She received Rank 11 in the preliminary round of 8th SSK. Lets hope for the best and see her grabbed the Kami 7 Seat!


小嶋 陽菜の誕生日

Kojima Haruna

My Kami Oshi!! Nyan Nyan / KojiHaru



にゃんにゃん!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!


Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to Nyan Nyan
Happy birthday to you

I am so happy that i get to met her both last year and this year 2shot event. Was much satisfied by this year 2shot :D.

IMG_0362IMG_4989 (3)

Although she did not participate in this year election again but i will always support her!!! Although i am actually suspecting she is the candidate “Nyan nyan kamen“.


😀 😀 😀 😀

Kojima HarunaKojima Haruna