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Nyan Nyan Kamen


Who is Nyan Nyan kamen? Nyan Nyan Kamen is an AKB48 Member from Year 22XX. She submitted her sousenkyou application on 23 March 2016 4PM JST.


Reference: http://ameblo.jp/akihabara48/entry-12142385440.html and http://ameblo.jp/akihabara48/entry-12147145258.html

Rumors said that She is Kojima Haruna in disguise or some graduates in disguise. However the identity of  Nyan Nyan Kamen was leaked by Kojima Haruna by accident on Twitter.


The tweet was removed few minutes after the post. The official identity was only revealed in the SSK 2016 Book.


A twitter account is created as well: https://twitter.com/nyan2kamen

What make it even funnier is the SSK appeal video. Kojima Haruna appeared only at the last few seconds in the video.

Many AKB48 fans raged on her troll actions and there are fans who were happy that she run this election as well. It might be a gimmick or it may be an agreement between Kojima Haruna and the management or a hint to something. We do not know the real reason behind this.

AKB48 Official Channel uploaded Story of Nyan Nyan Kamen Episode 01 as well. Ermm… look like a parody.. oh well.. She will also participate in Both Stage Fighter and AKB Otoge game.


Anyway, lets talk about the Top 5 Reasons to vote for Nyan Nyan Kamen!

  1. Kojima Haruna Look alike
  2. She came from the future 😀
  3. She make the election more interesting
  4. This may be her 1st and last SSK
  5. This may be “Kojima Haruna” Last SSK

As a fellow AKB48 fans, please give her your support too 😀

nyan nyan kamen

She received Rank 11 in the preliminary round of 8th SSK. Lets hope for the best and see her grabbed the Kami 7 Seat!


小嶋 陽菜の誕生日

Kojima Haruna

My Kami Oshi!! Nyan Nyan / KojiHaru



にゃんにゃん!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!


Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to Nyan Nyan
Happy birthday to you

I am so happy that i get to met her both last year and this year 2shot event. Was much satisfied by this year 2shot :D.

IMG_0362IMG_4989 (3)

Although she did not participate in this year election again but i will always support her!!! Although i am actually suspecting she is the candidate “Nyan nyan kamen“.


😀 😀 😀 😀

Kojima HarunaKojima Haruna

Japan Trip 2015 Day 3 (5 May 2015) [AKB48 2shot Event]


Third day in Japan, we woke up super early to get ourselves ready for the AKB48 2shot event. I had already decided what to wear for 2shot event a month ago before I reached Japan. I bought a Kojima Haruna Birthday Shirt 2015 version and will be wearing that together with a vest but unfortunately, the vest was spoiled in that morning. So I ended up wearing with my Jacket.

IMG_4313 IMG_4314

Left the apartment around 745am and reached Minatomirai (Yokohama) at around 9am. Met the other three friends (Siong, Edwin and Ryoji) at the train Station and we proceeded to Pacifico Yokohama for the event.


We balloted our slots from slot 2 onwards so we were not required to wake up that early. Before we went into the event hall, it was time to take a group photo to remember this event!!! But Edwin insisted on being the camera man. oh well…

IMG_4980As we entered, Ryoji helped Kevin on the name issues on the ticket while I helped the rest on getting the ticket verified. So we ballot accordingly as follows: Member name (Slot number)

  1. Me [Kojima Haruna (3), Ichikawa Miori (4), Owada Nana (5)]
  2. Kevin [Miyazawa Sae (3), Motomura Aoi (4)]
  3. Siong [Suda Akari (2), Kojima Haruna (3), Kimoto Kanon (4), Owada Nana (5), Kojima Mako (6), Yagura Fuko (7)]
  4. Edwin [Yokoyama Yui (3), Kitagawa Ryoha (4), Owada Nana (5), Kojima Mako (6), Okada Nana (7)]
  5. Ryoji [Iwatate Saho (2), Kato Rena (3)]
  6. Matthew [Shimazaki Haruka (3), Kizaki Yuria (4), Owada Nana (5), Kodama Haruka (6), Yagura Fuko (7)]

IMG_4981 IMG_4982 IMG_4983

I went to Kojima Haruna for my first choice together with Siong. I screwed up again when I met her. I said hi to her and she immediately go into the twist pose and we took the photo without talking. I was so nervous again!!! Why like that!!! Worst part is I did not set my camera setting to HDR mode and the photo turned out to be disappointing due to the setting. We got to say Thank you and bye to each other and I got forced out by the security!! Tsk…. >.<

IMG_4984(1) IMG_4989 (3)

Second member I went was Ichikawa Miori and I was not that nervous. That was a short queue at her lane surprisingly and quite a lot of female fans spotted. When it was my turn, our conversation started:
Ichikawa Miori: Hello!! (Stretched her hand out to shake hands with me)
Me: Good Afternoon, I came from Singapore.
Ichikawa Miori: Ahhh, Really?? How are you?
Me: I am fine! What about you?
Ichikawa Miori: I am very happy and so what pose you want to do today?
Me: Ermmm, What pose you recommend?
Ichikawa Miori: Ermmmmmmmmm, what about using the lemon on the table and we put it side by side together?
Me: Ok!
Ichikawa Miori: Let’s Go!! (Take photo)
Me: Thank you so much!! I will continue to support you!
Ichikawa Miori: Ahhh, Thank you. Please Come Again!!! Bye bye

IMG_4992 (1) IMG_4996

My Experience with Miorin wasn’t that bad… Quite enjoyable and relaxed. And my last member will be Owada Nana. This time round, 4 of us queued together (Matt, Edwin, Siong and Me). Again, I started to get nervous!! So not much of a conversation between both of us.

Owada Nana: Hello.
Me: Hello.
Owada Nana: What pose you want to do today?
Me: Ermmmm Nya? (I was lost of words)
Owada Nana: Nya? Neko? Ok!
1, 2, 3 Cheese!!
Owada Nana: Thank you so much!!
I checked the photo and it was alright and I turned back to na nya while being forced out by the security!
Me: Na nya, All the best to the upcoming senbatsu sousenkyou!
Owada Nana: Thank you!!!!

IMG_4998(1) IMG_5001

As for my friends, i shall not exposed them so it will only be the members photo…

edwin kevinsiong

Apparently, due to some incident happened few weeks before we went, paruru insisted on a barricade for her 2shot.

MATT ryoji


And there you go, I ended my 2shot event that fast while the matt, siong and Edwin carried on with the event. Ryoji, kevin and I proceeded to Pokemon center at landmark building and we happened to saw an on-going event. It was actually for the kids though. While waiting for the rest at macdonalds, I decided to try the Ton katsu burger!! And it was so awesome!! Ryoji was freezing at that moment. Useless Japanese… hahaha… just kidding.

IMG_5003 IMG_5005 IMG_5009  IMG_5011 IMG_5014 IMG_5016 (2) IMG_5019 IMG_5020 IMG_5021

Once the event ended, we met up with the rest and headed to a steak restaurant. I forgot the station name already. The steak was nice though and not expensive. Most probably I will come again when I am back in Japan.

IMG_5025 IMG_5026 IMG_5029 IMG_5033

Walked back to the station and back to apartment. As usual, Kevin and matt bought their regular supper while I did my laundry. Feel so nice to have a set of washed clothes every day when I am overseas.


Japan Trip 2014 Day 8, 9 (23 and 24 Dec 2014) and Reflections


My Last post for Japan Trip 2014. Still now i am still unable to forget the joy we had in Japan. Argh!! Moving on…………

Last Second Day in Japan, which was also the day that i was so excited for. It was my 1st time meeting my favourite member in AKB48!!! Weeee…. The AKB48 Handshake Event was not in my itinerary originally. The event was announced after i bought my air tickets and reservation of the hotel room.

Woke up super early around 5am Japan Timing to get myself ready for the event. Met my friend Ryoji at Kaihin Makuhari Station and he was late!!! damn!! Anyway, when i was on the way to Kaihin Makuhari Station, i took my time to think on what to say to the 5 members that i will be meeting. But it seems like, in the end i didn’t go according to my “script”.


Is time for “Kibouteki Refrain” Handshake Event at Makuhari Messe! I balloted for 5 members: Kojima Haruna (KH), Minegishi Minami (MM), Takahashi Minami (TM), Owada Nana (ON), Ogasawara Mayu (OM). Will be using this short form for below conversation part. Signature board will be given based on lucky draw for non-senbatsu member.


Reached the Venue around 830am Japan Timing and there wasn’t really any long queue except for Kashiwagi Yuki which was just around the lane i was queuing for.

04 05 06 07

First Member i balloted for will be My Kami Oshi (Favourite Member), Kojima Haruna. I did not managed to take photo of the banner when it was my turn but i took the Second slot banner. I balloted for the 9am to 1030am slot. Queue wasn’t that long but it wasn’t short too.

08 11

Generally the handshake procedure for overseas fans are:

  1. Bring your tickets and your passport to the information counter to get the verification stamp on the ticket. (To minimize any unwanted conflicts later on)
  2. Queue at the correct member lane.
  3. Upon enter the lane, there will be another verification which required the passport and the ticket. (The staff will write how many ticket you have on the ticket and scan it)
  4. Wait for your turn.
  5. When it is your turn next, another staff will collect the ticket from you and inform the security guard on how many ticket you have.
  6. Tadah!! Your turn!! (Roughly only 3 seconds talk only)


I got to see her when it was like 3 turns before me. Since there was no barricade blocking the view from the outside. Anyway the conversation was kinda awkward, anyway here’s go… (Translated into english)

KH: Ahhh, Hello (Stretch out her hand)
Me: Hello, Nice to meet you. (Choke onto my saliva)
KH: >.< (Smile at me with the confused face)
Me: Hello, Nice to meet you, i am from Singapore!
KH: Ahhh, Thank you.
(Got pushed away by Security)
Me: Bye Bye
KH: (Waved at me and proceed to the next fans)

Conclusion: Bad Experience….. I too excited and nervous till i cant communicate properly.

Below was the photo i found on her instagram on what she was wearing on that day!! So Pretty!!!


After which i proceed to Owada Nana Queue, since she was the next in line from my arrangement. Her queue wasn’t that long as compared to cho senbatsu member. It took me around 10 minutes to reach my turn.  Again, when i was done with my turn, the banner changed to Second slot slot already.


Na Nya was talking to Oshima Ryoka which was just next to her when she was waiting for the next fan to approach her. Oh Well the conversation went out like that:

ON: Good Morning!
Me: Hello, i am from Singapore and this is my first time. Nice to meet you.
ON: Ahhh, Singapore. Merlion!
Me: Yes!!!
(Silent for 1 second while she smiling at me)
Me: Na Nya is so cute.
ON: Really?? Thank you
(Pushed away by security)
Me: Bye Bye, Merry Christmas!
ON: OHHH!! Merry Christmas!! Bye bye

I managed to find a photo of her dress on her google plus account 😀 She look much thinner compared to photos online.


Finally, i got some time to rest before the Second Slot line start. I got to walk around and went for a toilet break. Ryoji left after meeting Iwatate Saho twice. He queued twice instead of combining his ticket. He got really excited.. haha.

Third member, Minegishi Minami. Her queue was slightly longer than Na Nya and i took much longer to reach my turn. Many fans ahead of me combined their tickets so it was around 50 seconds per person.


The guy just right before me, when he approached miichan, she was shocked on how much he spend just to meet her at handshake. Is good to have such fans 😀

Anyway when it was my turn:

MM: Hello!
Me: Hello, Nice to meet you. I am from Singapore. This is my first time coming to this event.
MM: Singapore??? Ahhhh, Thank you very much. So what famous thing Singapore have?
Me: Mmmmmmm (Thinking)
MM: Merlion!!! Shrimp!!
Me: Ehhh, shrimp? (Thinking to myself, why is shrimp famous in Singapore)
MM: Yes! Shrimp! Ebi Ebi!!
Me: Ehhhhh….
(Got pushed away)
MM: Bye Bye!!
Me: Bye bye!

The moment i left, i saw her photo on G+ and save it!! Weeeeeee


After miichan, the venue became very crowded. I went to queue for Takamina queue. Very long queue! But i feel that it will be totally worth it.

16 17

It took me around 20 mins to reach takamina, so i assume it was quite fast? maybe is because she was not eligible for the signature event thingy.

Here my conversation goes:

TM: Hello!
ME: Hello, Nice to meet you. I am from Singapore. This is my first time coming to this event.
TM: Really? Thank you very much for coming to Japan to meet us.
ME: Takamina San, Thank you for all your hard work for these 9 years.
TM: I know right! Ya.. it had been 9 years. Thank you so much.
(Got push away by security)
ME: I will always support you!! Merry christmas. Bye Bye
TM: Ah… Merry christmas, thank you. Bye Bye.

When i met her, she really really very small size. I found what she wear on that day from Matsui Sakiko Twitter.


Last member, Ogasawara Mayu!! The ex NMB Variety Queen before she got transferred to AKB. Surprisingly, there was a long queue for her. Kinda Happy for her!!


Anyway, i didn’t get any signature from any member. Is just my luck… Moving on to maachun conversation:

OM: Hello!
ME: Hello, Nice to meet you. I am from Singapore. This is my first time coming to this event.
OM: Oh Singapore!! I went there before!
ME: Yup I know, Team N overseas concert!
OM: Yea!!! I love you, I Love Singapore (In English)
ME: Wao! (Shock!)
ME: Mmmmm, Maachun, I love you your Monomane (Imitation act) alot. Very funny.
OM: Really? DONT LIE!
ME: Really i like it alot!!
OM: Thank you so so so much.
(Got push away by security)
OM: Remember to come again!
ME: Yea, Thank you very much
OM: Thank you thank you (in English)
ME: (Wave back)

Found a photo uploaded at Watanabe Miyuki Twitter for the day event. Although, can’t see much on what maachun was wearing, but it was a brown shirt.


After the event, i rushed back to Tokyo Station to meet Eugene, Jia Ling and Ching wen. We went there to buy lots of Tokyo banana goods. We took around 1 hour and headed back to Shinjuku to have our lunch. We ate at some random gyoza restaurant, the gyoza was not as nice as compared to the one we had at Asakusa.

10299960_10204997886122629_3887660479158367973_n 10885406_10204997886162630_6105776395924163357_n 10897819_10204997885602616_7544646316628821030_n

We went back to our hotel and packed our luggage. We forced Jia Ling to pack her luggage because she bought so much stuff and we worried that she not enough space to buy anymore. After which, we headed to one Japanese restaurant along the street of Shinjuku, it looks like some Japanese Dining restaurant for customers to dine at after their work.


We ordered according to what we wanted. Jia Ling just can’t stop her sashimi craving. Ching wen managed to satisfied her Nabe cravings. I chose yaki udon since i never ate any in Japan before.

16077_10204997888642692_8411394488035361660_n 10442395_10204997889242707_802229811606361449_n 1908067_10204997888962700_5609263706132020814_n  10393843_10204997886002626_2910414236237483598_n  10704173_10204997890002726_5534077790922829646_n 10888541_10204997890602741_4159372017047363102_n 10888670_10204997888682693_3042104833933360039_n 10891747_10204997887922674_8720779629092093112_n

After the early dinner, i left on my own to Akihabara meeting Ryoji to get some last minute stuff like the Kojima Haruna Photoset while the rest went to Shin okubo. The Sky was already dark when i reached Akihabara.


After which, Ryoji and i took train back to Shinjuku to meet the other three friends who just landed in Japan. They decided to go try out Iwa Yakiniku but unfortunately it was fully booked and required advance booking. We did not have a choice so we just ate at some random Japanese food stall and end our short meet up.

22 23 24

Reached back hotel and surprisingly, the rest were already back at the hotel. They bought so many good stuffs from Isetan after 8pm sales… OMG… i didn’t took the picture of the food since it was already half gone. We talked and packed our luggage while Jia Ling and Eugene went down again to buy some last minutes gifts.

=============Day 09 (24 Dec 2014)=============

Christmas Eve and also our last day in Japan. Kinda sad but i was kinda happy because i can finally be back home. No more money left!! haha.


Bought some last minute food at Familymart. I bought lots of maple pancake back home. That was my breakfast every morning in japan!!


Board the Limousine bus to narita airport. We were lucky to get the early slot as we experienced a heavy traffic jam while we were on our way to narita airport.


When we were checking in, Jia ling hand carry bag exceed the weight limit and had to split the baggage and she passed some to Eugene to carry for her. At that period, i was so worried about my luggage because it got damaged from my previous trip. I panicked and asked the counter to handle the luggage carefully. After checking in, we bought a few duty free stuffs such as potato farm, shiroi koibito, royce nama choco and tokyo banana narita airport exclusive. We had our last meal in Japan in the airport while waiting for boarding. Is time to go back to Singapore 😀


Board the plane and we without realising that we will be transiting twice. OMG. Japan to Taiwan to Hong Kong to Singapore. Damn. As usual, the airplane food look nice to me as long as it is not supper. Jia ling was busy talking to this taiwanese sitting next to her from japan to Taiwan.


Surprisingly, there was a meal from taiwan to Hong kong too despite the short distance.


After we landed at Hong Kong, we walked around and bought some hong kong souvenirs too. We walked over to macdonalds and waited for our turn for boarding. There was this  special nugget box with 4 different sauces. Cool!!

10532555_10204997906683143_813152638692449002_n 10422298_10204997906603141_6659596135748733584_n 10881593_10204997907203156_319296904512250292_n

And we landed safely in Singapore. Ching wen and i share cab back home while Eugene and jia ling another cab. When i reached back home, my dog got a shock from seeing me.. Haha so cute!!

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============= Reflections =============

Overall, i actually feel that, i actually enjoyed this entire trip. Compared to the taiwan and japan trip in 2013. I really enjoyed myself, i see lots of things and lots of laughter and jokes along the way. Although there was argument between jia ling and me for one night, but it was resolved so fast that i can’t even bother nagging at. Sometimes for travelling, really depends on who you go with. The companions really make a difference and yes, for this japan trip, i enjoyed it. Let’s go again!!

Thank you my friends!! 10 years of friendship 😀 



小嶋 陽菜の誕生日


My Kami Oshi!! Nyan Nyan / KojiHaru

10300445_837396173013349_4563271507029450811_n 10322732_841076175978682_4968926750504622350_n 10363763_840074786078821_4358856145132883482_n10464407_847705218649111_5860708754230704615_n10660170_848376951915271_5200303704182267336_n

にゃんにゃん!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

11083670_837395169680116_3443516038625154881_n   11138152_845786258841007_2695311012725265194_n 11150443_847705685315731_4793859791316036280_n

Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to Nyan Nyan
Happy birthday to you

10391406_10152846537188702_8671531596965137478_n 10985220_10152929443753702_1835472987899283378_n 11055318_10152865208998702_4236719514371342817_n 11134241_10152950796973702_1242364297_n11101760_10152950796978702_601918756_n11158075_10152950796963702_1571490572_n

Although she did not participate in this year election but i will always support her!!! Can’t Wait to see her in May for the 2shot Event 😀


😀 😀 😀 😀

11158175_10152950796998702_957384032_n 11178669_10152950796968702_1094373886_n Kojima Haruna11121738_10152950802013702_1798111509_n


小嶋 陽菜の誕生日



1011790_630355217050780_8434194923024372085_n10171010_630355003717468_1588869068455379922_n (1)

にゃんにゃん!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

fcupboy789-img414x595-13902838564hd45d19279 seashell7good-img437x600-1390400254j8n2j741732

Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to Nyan Nyan
Happy birthday to you


Happy 26th birthday :)


Hope to see her in real person soon.. before she graduate

This year Election AIM FOR TOP 6!!!! YEA!!!

And another Center Position in 2014!!!

1544612_630306397055662_1564001758743235911_n 10155076_630925393660429_7291028812814745806_n