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Review: AKB48 42nd Single “唇にBe My Baby”

AKB48 42nd Single Titled Kuchibiru ni Be My Baby had released!!! YEA!! What make it even better is that, the release date falls on my birthday. Ok lets skip to the main topic.
This time round, i was quite surprised about the announcement of the 16 senbatsu members. Before the single was announced at the handshake event, i was expecting the senbatsu line up to include Watanabe Miyuki or Kodama Haruka instead of Kitahara Rie. Apparently, Kitahara Rie was shifted out of senbatsu since So Long! Reason for expecting Watanabe Miyuki as she is the current 2nd top in NMB and Kodama Haruka is the dark horse of HKT. Oh well, seems like NGT need one representative which is Kitahara Rie? I can’t say this as it seems unfair to her. Ok moving on to the tracks review.

Type A

1. 唇にBe My Baby (Senbatsu)
Team A: Kojima Haruna, Takahashi Minami, Shimazaki Haruka, Yokoyama Yui, Iriyama Anna
Team K: Minegishi Minami
Team B: Kashiwagi Yuki, Watanabe Mayu, Kato Rena
Team S: Matsui Jurina
Team N: Yamamoto Sayaka
Team H: Sashihara Rino
Team KIV: Miyawaki Sakura
Team SII: Miyazawa Sae
Team NIII: Kitahara Rie

A very catchy song. This song caught my attention like how Bokutachi wa tatakawanai (BwT) when i 1st heard it. At first, i though it was like the 2nd Kibouteki Refrain (KR) with the WOW WOW WOW. However they make it sound even cuter compared to KR. This song sound more like a Mayuyu Center or younger generation member center type of Song. In my opinion, a much mature song suits Takahashi Minami more. According to TKMN that this is a very traditional idol song and yes it is very catchy!!! If you even watched the performance, the dance step shows T K M N Bye bye choreography. Even in the PV, it was a farewell TKMN PV. In all the live performances, up till now, Mukaichi Mion stand in for Shimazaki Haruka position as Shimazaki Haruka is still in recovery mode and i am very happy that Paruru did appear in the PV.

2. 365日の紙飛行機 (Asa ga Kita Senbatsu)
Team A: Iriyama Anna, Kojima Haruna, Shimazaki Haruka, Takahashi Minami, Yokoyama Yui
Team B: Kashiwagi Yuki, Kato Rena, Kizaki Yuria, Watanabe Mayu
Team S: Matsui Jurina
Team N: Yamamoto Sayaka
Team BII: Watanabe Miyuki
Team H: Kodama Haruka, Sashihara Rino
Team KIV: Miyawaki Sakura
Team NIII: Kitahara Rie

The 2nd main song of this Single. This song was used for an ASAHI drama as theme song. Yamamoto Sayaka centered the song and it turned out very nice and soothing. Definitely one of the song that fans will like. This song also allow Sayanee to prove her vocal worthy :D. Sweet! When i read the comments online that this song was supposed to be an NMB48 Single A track instead of AKB48 Single B track. Oh well, the management still pushing this song together with KnBmB during live performance.

3. 君を君を君を… (Next Generation Senbatsu)
Team A: Owada Nana, Taniguchi Megu
Team K: Tano Yuka, Mukaichi Mion, Muto Tomu
Team B: Oshima Ryoka
Team 4: Okada Nana, Kawamoto Saya, Kojima Mako, Komiyama Haruka, Takahashi Juri, Nishino Miki, Murayama Yuiri
Team 8: Sakaguchi Nagisa
Team BII: Watanabe Miyuki
Team H: Kodama Haruka

I am sorry but other than the members selection and Haruppi center, what’s the special thing about this song? Only the chorus which is the kimi wo kimi wo kimi wo. Ok i gonna give credit to the BGM which is the beat. Other than that. Nothing much. While for members selection, I am surprised that they select Komiyama Haruka instead of Nakano Ikumi from Team 8. And how is Watanabe Miyuki the next generation member? I guess the management should rename this unit title back to Undergirls instead of Next Generation Senbatsu. Because of this Next Generation Senbatsu naming, i read negative comments when any of these members are not selected for any performance.

4. やさしい place (Team A) [Center: Miyawaki Sakura]
Team A

Is it me or that Team A song is always full of surprises? This time round the management selected Sakura as the center instead of Paruru. I guess is due to Paruru recovery that’s why they choose Sakura instead. In terms of ranking, yes Sakura got in Top 7 while Paruru out of Top 7. When i watched the PV, so messy. Honestly, i didn’t see Yamada Nanami from Team 8 in the PV! Oh well, the main focus of this song was Sakura and Paruru.

Type B

5. マドンナの選択 (Renacchi Sousenkyou Senbatsu)
Renacchi senbatsu
Team A: Iriyama Anna, Shimazaki Haruka, Maeda Ami
Team K: Tano Yuka, Mukaichi Mion, Mogi Shinobu
Team B: Oshima Ryoka, Kato Rena
Team 8: Sato Nanami
Team E: Sato Sumire
Team N: Yamamoto Sayaka
Team M: Shiroma Miru
Team H: Kojina Yui, Tanaka Natsumi, Matsuoka Natsumi
Team KIV: Murashige Anna

I Love this song very much!!! The intro sound like 君は気まぐれ by Team A in Labrador Retriever Single. Is It from the same producer? Oh well, this senbatsu was done via 755 (Nana Go Go) application platform. I was surprised that my HKT oshi Tanaka Natsumi got in and selected as a center of the song. They really need to focus on this tall princess :D. This song sound very carefree and i kept it repeating in my music playlist for days! I got so hooked up by this song! Seriously!!! The PV was awesome too, with all the Natsumikan solo screen time! love it. And the paruru kawaii screentime! Damn it.. The pv sequence is by the ranking of the members in this renacchi senbatsu. The PV concept is like Flimming for many Commercial. Like it.

6. お姉さんの独り言 (Team K) [Center: Mukaichi Mion]
Team K

Yes arh. Finally Team K Center shifted back to a AKB48 members instead of kennin members since Oshima Yuko left. However, i am not sure why this song was selected for Team K? Is it to suit Mion center? or is really a Team K Style? To me it sound more like a song for Team 4. The young and fresh type of song is definitely not for Team K.

Type C

7. 金の羽根を持つ人よ (Team B) [WCenter: Kizaki Yuria, Kato Rena]
Team B

Yukirin and Mayuyu out but Yuria and Renacchi in. Not surprising that those two got selected for Wcenter. Again, seriously i dont really like the arrangement of the songs for each and different Team except for Team A. Doesn’t this song more suitable for Team K style instead of Team B? The vocal and impact type of song is for Team K. Team B is kawaii and idolish type of Song. We all know that.

8. あまのじゃくバッタ (Team 8) [Center: Nakano Ikumi]

Ermm…. Can i dont comment about this song? The PV looks fun but the song? Vocaloid? Perfume style? Definitely not one of the nice Team 8 song that i will say.

Type D

9. なんか、ちょっと、急に… (Team 4) [Center: Kojima Mako]
Team 4

KojiMako grabbed her center back. Congrats. However, the song don’t suit Team 4. Once again, i gonna rant about the Team style again. This song suit Team B compared to Team 4. Although i like the PV concept and the intro. The intro sound soothing 😀

10. 背中言葉 (Takahashi Minami Graduation Song Senbatsu)
Team A: Iriyama Anna, Owada Nana, Kojima Haruna, Shimazaki Haruka, Takahashi Minami, Yokoyama Yui
Team K: Minegishi Minami, Mukaichi Mion
Team B: Kashiwagi Yuki, Kato Rena, Kizaki Yuria, Watanabe Mayu
Team 4: Komiyama Haruka, Takahashi Juri
Team S: Matsui Jurina
Team N: Yamamoto Sayaka
Team H: Sashihara Rino
Team KIV: Miyawaki Sakura
NGT48: Kitahara Rie
Team SII: Miyazawa Sae

One of the best song in this single. Not every graduation song sound sad and touching. Up till now, yume no kawa (Maeda Atsuko), Namida no sei janai (Shinoda Mariko), Tsuyosa to Yowasa no Aida de (Akimoto Sayaka) and Kimi no dai ni shou (Kawaei Rina) are the best for now. With the additional of this song, this will definetly rank up for the graduation songs in AKB. The PV show how much Takamina had made herself such an important figure in AKB history. Honestly, i wonder how will AKB turn out with Takamina guidance. I know that this responsibility had handed over to Yokoyama Yui but the feel is just so different. Last but not least, why is Komiyama Haruka chosen? and not Kojima Mako? since almost all the next generation ace like Owada Nana, Mukaichi Mion is in?


11. さっきまではアイスティー (New Unit: 虫かご)
Team B: Goto Moe, Fukuoka Seina
Team 4: Komiyama Haruka
Team 8: Sakaguchi Nagisa
SKE48 Kenkyuusei: Obata Yuna, Goto Rara
Team M: Uemura Azusa
Team BII: Yabushita Shu
HKT48 Kenkyuusei: Aramaki Misaki, Imamura Maria
NGT48 Kenkyuusei: Oguma Tsugumi, Takakura Moeka
Didn’t had a chance to listen to this song yet. Will update when i get to listen to it. Usually, it will be weeks after the released. Oh well, moving on….

Overall Rating of this single: 3.5/5.
Song Ranking:

  1. マドンナの選択
  2. 唇にBe My Baby
  3. 365日の紙飛行機
  4. 背中言葉
  5. やさしい place
  6. お姉さんの独り言
  7. 金の羽根を持つ人よ
  8. なんか、ちょっと、急に…
  9. 君を君を君を…
  10. あまのじゃくバッタ

Congrats to AKB48 grabbing the 1st Spot in Oricon chart for the 1st week. This is the 1st single since Sakura no ki ni narou that did not obtain 1 million sales in 1st week. I guess is due to the recent issues about the change in the theme for interview event that is balloted for Year 2016.


*Warning Spoilers ahead* [Highlight below to see the content.]
This was announced as Takahashi Minami Last Single! However, AKB48 43rd Single Senbatsu member lists was announced on the 15th December 2015 and Takahashi Minami was part of it. Technically, AKB48 42nd Single is her last 2nd single. And there was a lot of comments about the 43rd Single Senbatsu members list. I saw negative comments more than positive comments. I was not surprised that many fans had moved on to the new generation members especially for Team 8. Fans are expecting Team 8 and the Next Generation Senbatsu members to raise! But it doesn’t seem to work that way except for Mukaichi Mion. Apparently, since BwT, Mion is receiving alot of exposure compared to Owada Nana and Kojima Mako which were the supposed next generation Ace. To be honest, 43rd Single Senbatsu members list is my ideal AKB48 Senbatsu! I got no complains and i am Definitely looking forward to it. The list is as follows:

AKB48 43rd Single Senbatsu Members (21 Members):
Team A: Kojima Haruna, Takahashi Minami, Shimazaki Haruka, Yokoyama Yui, Iriyama Anna
Team K: Minegishi Minami, Mukaichi Mion
Team B: Kashiwagi Yuki, Watanabe Mayu, Kato Rena
Team S: Matsui Jurina
Team N: Yamamoto Sayaka
Team H: Sashihara Rino
Team KIV: Miyawaki Sakura
Team SII: Miyazawa Sae
Team NIII: Kitahara Rie
Graduated Members: Maeda Atsuko, Oshima Yuko, Shinoda Mariko, Itano Tomomi

This will most probably be the last single participation for Miyazawa Sae as she had announced graduation on 16 December 2015. The exact date of her graduation is still to be confirmed. As for Takahashi Minami, this will be her last single as her graduation date is confirmed to be on the 28 March 2016. Shall look forward to this new single 😀 Cheers