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Protected: 2 Years and counting down….

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I am back from holidays and back to do some update on this blog. Finally, after 25 months (2 Years 1 Month) of student life, i am proud to announce that I GRADUATED FROM MURDOCH UNIVERSITY!! A Long, irritating and frustrating journey for me with all the never ending assignments and uncooperative team mates.

IMG_0065 IMG_0067

And i finally stood on the stage to receive my certificate on the 13th March 2016.


Throughout this entire journey, i am grateful of this lecturer of mine. Need to give him some credit!! haha. He assisted me in my studies and offered help on my assignment. No Doubt, one of the best lecturer for murdoch university (offshore studies in Singapore). Thank you Mr Frankie Yee.


My friends (Ching Wen and Candy) came along as well. Thank you guys for making my graduation ceremony not that boring. Of Course, I have to thank my family for going through this entire journey with me as well. Withstanding all my complains and nagging over school work. Without their support, i wont be able to graduate!!

IMG_0084 IMG_0091IMG_0085

Looking back, I came across many different types of people. I met team mates who are very uncooperative and lecturers which are just simply not that helpful. Fortunately, i managed to find my uni mates there too. We joke, we laugh, we hang out, we gossip and study together. Uni Life without them will be just too boring! Despite not getting the chance to take photos with them on the graduation day, we will always meet up some other day 😀


My Advise to all those going to pursue a degree studies will be Degree studies are not easy but with much effort, you will end up graduating as planned :D.

Nov / Dec 2015

Happy New Year!! 新年快樂!あけましておめでとうございます。


It has been awhile since i went on hiatus on blogging. Didn’t really feel like moving the photos into my desktop… Opps.. Oh well.. I shall do a summary of what had happened in November and December 2015.

1. S.H.E and Aaron Yan Forever Star Concert in Singapore Indoor Stadium

It has been awhile since i last went for a C-Pop concert. It has been always AKB, AKB and AKB… haha.. The feel for C-Pop concert and AKB concert, is just super different!! There are no wotagei chant but just sing along with the artists on the stage. This concert is very memorable to me. S.H.E is the 1st chinese group i like till now. I really like their songs and also their chemistry within each other. Thumbs Up! Great concert!

2. Meet up with the PeErS!?

It had been awhile since we last met up with them. And since Ms Candy Tan birthday was just around the corner, so i suggested for a meet up at Peach Garden in Thomson Plaza. I Love the dim sum buffet. Yumssssss. After which, Candy suggested Prawning at Hai bin @ Punggol. Oh Gosh, it was super far from my house.. but oh well, lets not complain. I managed to catch at least 2 prawns! I am so happy! I am so bad at fishing / prawning!!

3. 3 Day 2 Night stay at Johor Bahru Malaysia.

It was supposed to be a plan to move around in JB, however i was really too tired to move around and spend most of the time sleeping in the hotel! Managed to go all the way to Family Mart @ Jalan Dedap to taste my cousin’s stall burger JC burger. Unfortunately, despite being such a nice burger, it was already closed down. Had dinner at kinsahi, really love the food. We are lucky to visit the Monday night night market along KSL shopping mall. So many awesome and delicious food that i didn’t get to try. Will definitely go there again!

4. Birthday

My 2nd birthday Celebration but is my 1st celebration with my friend. Really appreciate that they remember my birthday and come over to celebrate with me. Not to mention that i had my final exam on my birthday! Additional, AKB48 42nd Single Kuchibiru ni be my baby also release on my birthday too!! 😀

5. Birthday Gift for myself, meet up with friends and family

After 2 years, I changed my phone from Iphone 5s Gold 16GB to Iphone 6s Gold 64GB. It was really a pity that i had to change my phone due to space constraints. The application that i had in my phone are really taking up too much space. There are Brave Frontier, Final Fantasy Exvius and AKB48 Group Music Game. Therefore i decided to change my phone. Went with my family to dine in Sakae Sushi @ Westmall. Ate alot of good food. Hope my family love it. Met up with my friend Mr Mok for a quick catch up and listen to his interesting story too.

6. Colleague phototaking session and meet up with the panickers.

It was the last day of my colleague De tong in my department, it will be very sad and quiet without him beside me entertaining me. Damn!! I am glad that we managed to hang around with the full timers and the temp staff too. They are really nice people that i met in the department. After which, i met up with the panickers for Singing session and decided to take a photo to keep as memory. Actually is just take for the sake of taking photo.

7. Christmas meet up / Celebration

Met up with Veron, Ching wen and Candy for a mini christmas lunch. Originally, it was supposed to be like 7 or 8 persons? but in the end only 4 turn up.. WTH. Had an expensive lunch at Ding Tai Feng @ Jem. I really dont understand the crazes for Ding Tai Feng.. Nothing really attracts me. Oh yea, forgot to mention i received my red hoodie birthday present from someone special too. Weeee… NEXT!! Met up with my Poly cliques. Sebastian baked shepherd pie. It was my 1st time eating it.. Nice!!

8. Belated Isabel and My Birthday

Decided to go to Gardens by the bay since there was some christmas event going on there till end of the year. The plan was having dinner at satay by the bay however it turn out to be steamboat instead.. damn… and the steamboat is nice too… I love the satay there too. Fortunately that the weather on the day wasn’t that humid and warm, is quite windy so it feel so much better there. Many decorations going on there, childhood feeling 😀

9. 2015 countdown to 2016

The last activity of the year which is countdown. Original plan was to head to Hai Di Lao at somerset 313. However we waited for about 4 hours and there was still no seats available and we decided to change to Hai Xian Lao @ Wikie Edge. It was not crowded but the food quality is awesome.. Although it cost 40 plus dollars but it is really nice.. Nom Nom Nom… Had a very filling dinner and head towards Esplanade for 2015 fireworks finale….

AND HELLO 2016!!!! I seriously hope 2016 will be as good as 2015 too. CHEERS!!


My 25th Birthday finally comes. Apparently, this year birthday was a very quiet one. I was actually expecting something from my friends maybe like initiating a meet up or something? instead i had to do it myself and friends didn’t really give me a reply. Oh well, at least i had my fun at JB previously.

At the age of 25, i had walked through half of this journey myself. Life wasn’t easy with all the up and down. For the past one year, there were much changes and decision i had made for the year.

  1. I decided to split the study group up from 5 people to 3 people due to conflicts in interest
  2. Went to Japan for AKB48 2shot event.
  3. Applied for a temporary position job to accumulate experience and get myself ready for permanent position in the near future.
  4. Struggling between temporary job, part time job and school at the same time.
  5. Finally decided to quit my part time job to focus on my Temporary job.

My wishes for my birthday will be a smooth 1 year ahead and of course know more people at work.

What i expect in 2016 will be….

  1. Graduation from Degree program in March
  2. Employed as a permanent employee by April
  3. Slim down? of course?
  4. Fulfilled my promises to Phuket.
  5. Everyone to be in good health.

That’s all for now..

Happy birthday to myself!! and Good luck to my final exam paper that fall on the same day!!

Japan Trip 2015 Last Day (8 May 2015)


Last day of the Japan Trip in May. To me is like finally i am going back to SG because of the amount of cash i left in my wallet and i did not want to withdraw anymore money from the ATM. We did a packed up and took our time to leave the apartment since we were not in a rush.

IMG_5271 IMG_5272 IMG_5274 IMG_5276 IMG_5277 IMG_5279 IMG_5280 IMG_5281 IMG_5282

Went back to the same restaurant that we went the previous night. Ate our last meal in Japan before boarding the NEX express back to Narita Airport. I am so in love with the unagi sushi! I cant had enough of it. 😀 Yumms….

IMG_5283 IMG_5284 IMG_5285 IMG_5286 IMG_5299 IMG_5300 IMG_5301 IMG_5302 IMG_5289img_5290IMG_5304

So matthew preferred his picture to be censored. Oh Well… haha.. we took the NEX train back to Narita and checked in our luggages. After which i started to hunt for Potato Farm!! A nice snack that i will strongly recommend.

IMG_5306 IMG_5307 IMG_5313

And i board the plane after trying so hard to find the snack because most of the stall does not have sufficient stock. Had a good rest on the plane with the katsu don served… Love it!!

IMG_5316 IMG_5320 IMG_5325 IMG_5333 IMG_5334

Reached Singapore slightly early but unfortunately, my luggage was damaged despite i told them to handle my luggage with care. I managed to file a service recovery for this and they will arrange an appointment with me to send this luggage for repair.


This time round i cut down so many on the souvenirs and only bought things selectively. Previously i regretted not buying anything for my dog but this time round i bought three packets of treats for him. 😀


Bought some food back but not as much compared to the 1st time i went. My dad requested for the Royce chocolate chip so i bought two box for him. Bought a yamamoto sayaka magazine for my friend and some small gift for my friends that i missed out for the 1st two trips.

IMG_5349 IMG_5354 IMG_5355

Bought two box of chocolate, a Chari-chu toy, choco banana for my relative too. Hope the kids like the toy and the pencil 😀



This time round, it was solely based on AKB48 2shot event thats why i went to Japan so soon. I didn’t regret much as i got to take a picture with 2 of my favourite member. Despite the experience with the security wasn’t that good but oh well… It’s over.

Looking forward to the next trip with my friends to celebrate my graduation!! Woohooo…..

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Japan Trip 2015 Last 2nd Day (7 May 2015)

It had been awhile since i last touched on my last Japan Trip post. For my readers, you can view the previous post at the end of the post. 😀


Last 2nd day, my friends and i went to Tsukiji market. One of my friend kevin wanted to buy cooking knife back home. So ya, but at the same time, i bring them to eat the considered famous sushi stall in Tsukiji market, Ryu Sushi. They didn’t queue for Sushi Dai or Sushi Dai wa as the queue was super long! As for myself, i decided not to join their sushi meal as i not a fan of Raw Sushi.

IMG_5203 IMG_5204

So i went shopping instead. I bought the Tamagoyaki from this outlet as it was really really very nice!! Love it. I cant stop eating it 😀 haha


Of course while waiting for my friends to finish their sushi meal, i came across this beef don shop and it was having quite a queue so i decided to try it out. Surprisingly, that is the best beef don i have ever tasted!! This shop definitely wont missed out as it is at the entrance of the market.


After our meal, i met up with the rest and they were hunting for more sashimi and oyster. Oh my, the nama oyster is their favourite!!


After Tsukiji, we proceed to Odaiba since it was just around the corner. We didn’t spend much time there as there was nothing much other than shopping. That was my first time visiting Fuji TV and i saw the one piece cafe. Unfortunately, i didn’t have much cash on hand left so i decided not to step into the cafe.

IMG_5211 IMG_5212 IMG_5215 IMG_5216 IMG_5217

What a great view at Odaiba. Best part was the cloudy weather!! Neither  rainy or sunny 😀 love it.

IMG_5223 IMG_5224

Visited the aquacity AKB48 Group Shop,  heard it will be on a temporary period only. Oh well, there was nothing much in the shop compared to those in mainland 😀 Explored around while Kevin was busy with his shopping in Disney store for his sister. Haha.


At the ground floor, there is a pet shop and the puppies are so adorable!! But when i take a look at the price, it was few times expensive compared to those in SG. ermmmm….

IMG_5242 IMG_5243 IMG_5244 IMG_5245

After which, we headed to Shibuya since we didn’t had the chance to visit there during this visit. At the same time, both of my friends were hunting for magazines so….. TIME TO DO SOME HUNTING!!


After shibuya, we rushed to Shinjuku tower records to get one magazine that the stores in Shibuya had sold out. After which, we headed back and decided to try the sushi stall that the host recommended to us. It is so freaking awesome!! I took a picture of the menu!!! Damn i am hungry now 😛

IMG_5267 IMG_5268 IMG_5269 IMG_5270 IMG_5253 IMG_5255 IMG_5256 IMG_5257 IMG_5258 IMG_5260 IMG_5261 IMG_5262 IMG_5263 IMG_5264 IMG_5265 IMG_5266

Ended our day and headed back to pack our stuff.

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October 2015


Another Month has passed and is already november!!!! Seriously!! i cant wait to graduate!!! My Final exam will be in December and worst still, it falls on my birthday!! DAMN IT!! Oh well….

October wasn’t really a good month for me which all the things happening around me. I took some time to face the problems that i am facing and eventually i will overcome it.

In october, i finally met up with my ladies that i didn’t met them for the past few months. A catch up with dim sum buffet at Peach Garden @ Thomsom plaza. Not really alot of variety back at least they served us the dishes quite fast.


After which we proceeded to a nearby cafe “Salted Caramel” for our desserts and chit chat session. It has been awhile since we really had a proper conversation between us as there were some misunderstanding previously.12122715_10153332943143702_8918409347638237619_n



Life wasn’t boring and the following week, i met up with my secondary school friends. It had been a while since we last met up but most of them wasn’t really available on the day so only 4 of us met up for a quick dinner at The Carving Board.


We queued for about 45 mins till our turn. That was my 2nd time visiting this place and yet i still didn’t get the chance to try their signature dishes as it were already sold out when it was my turn!

12108202_10153344164338702_3127948811752239594_n 12115837_10153344231538702_4937481898122978817_n

Last but not least a wefie to remember this day that we spend 45 mins queuing for dinner!!




Company Dance and dinner, i guessed i don’t need to mention much about this since it was already published as a post individually. Oh well, to be be honest, i still enjoy the food there. I guessed i gained 1 kg from just eating on that day?? haha.


Another meet up with my secondary friends, this time round with more people. It was quite a last minute planning so i didn’t expect much and worst still, my friend ching wen suggested Mookata!! zzzzz WHY!!!!


We visited this new Mookata stall at golden mile complex named Y Cube Mookata. It has quite alot of choices for us to choose from. It served crayfish, crabs and oysters too.. Although i am not a fan of those but my friends are.. Oh my gawd! >.<


Enjoyed ourselves with all the gossiping and some were sharing their travel experiences from taiwan and korea to the rest. Awesome!!! I am not a fan of korea but some day i will like to visit there at least once. Phew…


Last day in October which is yesterday.. It was HALLOWEEN NIGHT!! but who cares about halloween night when i have a My Pet My Family Event to attend!! I registered my dog for a free pet health check and decided to bring him to go take a look at the outside world instead of trapping at home most of the time.


The Vet mentioned that my dog is overweighted and had to do regular exercise!! but the thing is he doesn’t like to exercise. Exactly same as the owner 😀 haha. He only know how to eat. Look at that happy face.


Had a pinic at the green roof and end the day by watching Marley and me shown on the big screen.

IMG_7962 IMG_7973


Personally, i feel that the days are a test to myself. Studies, working life, human relations and health issues are bugging me this month. I had an exam just a week ago, make up with my friends after some conflicts, my asthma is coming back due to the horrible haze from Indonesia. Argh!!!

Of course there are good things that happened too, i finally overcome the loneliness for lunch!! I downloaded drama or anime series to watch on my office com while i ate my lunch. Feel so much better now. And i had booked a trip to Japan again!!! The trip will be in March next year! Hope it went well!!

Bye October and Hello November! November please be good!! 😀