After 506 days

My first post after 506 days of hiatus from last post.

Ever since i started my first full time employment, i barely had any time for myself. It was really a tiring and stressful position which i did consider my resignation from time to time.

Having a blog to maintain is actually quite tiring which resulted on the long period of hiatus.

It has been months since i last indulge myself in Anime / Idols / Dramas / AKB full time. I spend at least 14 hours a day on work, 5 – 6 hours on sleep and the remaining for the routine activities. Work had really started to stress me out and i was not given any moral support at work, home and even friends.

I started to freak out when i even dreamed about work and i can’t sleep with the amount of outstanding work i am having. The first and last thing of every single day is about work.

I went for a free check up recently and i was warned about my irregular blood pressure. Surprisingly, i was not surprised at the result and i actually expected it.

I tried speaking to my dog about my issue and i seriously don’t expect him to understand what i am talking.

I am at the stage where i am lost and really stressed out..

I guess i am not capable enough to handle my existing situation.


Any Comment????? Feel Free to Do so :D

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