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My AKB48 Group Top 30 Songs Ranking 2016 [Theatre]


We’re the Team A!
進め Team A
さあ 自分に懸けろよ
We’re the Team A!
進め Team A
今 すべてが始まる

Rank 30 (AKB48 Team A – Skirt Hirari) [Ex Rank 26]
Team A 1st Stage [PARTY ga Hajimaru yo]

Rank 29 (AKB48 Himwarigumi – Yume wo Shinaseru Wake ni Ikanai) [Ex Rank 21]

Rank 28 (AKB48 Team A – M.T. ni Sasagu) [NEW]

Rank 27 (AKB48 Team A – Kimi ni Autabi Koi wo Suru) [Ex Rank 20]
team a

Rank 26 (AKB48 Team B – Temodemo no Namida) [Ex Rank 03]

Rank 25 (AKB48 Team A – AKB Sanjou) [Ex Rank 23]
team a

Rank 24 (AKB48 Himawarigumi – Hajimete no Jelly Beans) [Ex Rank 18]

Rank 23 (AKB48 Team K – Saishuu Bell ga naru) [Ex Rank 16]

Rank 22 (AKB48 Team A – JK Nemurihime) [Ex Rank 11]
team a

Rank 21 (AKB48 Team A – Copy and Paste) [NEW]

Rank 20 (AKB48 Team A – Heart Gata Virus) [Ex Rank 06]
team a

Rank 19 (AKB48 Team 4 – Idol Nante Yobanaide) [Ex Rank 08]

Rank 18 (NMB48 Team N – Hajimete no Hoshi) [Ex Rank 10]

Rank 17 (SKE48 Team S – Ame No Pianist) [UNRANKED]

Rank 16 (AKB48 Team K – Reset) [Ex Rank 13]

Rank 15 (AKB48 Team A – She’s Gone) [NEW]

Rank 14 (AKB48 Team A – Haijimaru) [NEW]

Rank 13 (AKB48 Team A – Dear My Teacher) [Ex Rank 07]
Team A 1st Stage [PARTY ga Hajimaru yo]

Rank 12 (AKB48 Himawarigumi – Bye Bye Bye) [Ex Rank 09]

Rank 11 (NMB48 Team N – Koko ni datte tenshi wa iru) [Ex Rank 05]

Rank 10 (AKB48 Team A – Tsuki to Mizukagami) [NEW]

Rank 09 (AKB48 Team K – Kiseki wa maniawanai) [UNRANKED]

Rank 08 (NMB48 Team N – Zipper) [Ex Rank 04]

Rank 07 (AKB48 Team A – Lavender Field) [NEW]

Rank 06 (AKB48 Team A – Yume no kiss Me) [NEW]

Rank 05 (SKE48 Team S – Koi wo Kataru Shijin ni Narenakute) [UNRANKED]

Rank 04 (AKB48 Team A – Risuke) [NEW]

Rank 03 (AKB48 Team A – Junai no Crescendo) [Ex Rank 02]

Rank 02 (AKB48 Team A – Show wa Owaranai) [NEW]

Rank 01 (AKB48 Team A – Pionner) [Consecutive 1st]


  1. AKB48 Team B – Theatre no Megami (Rank 12)
  2. AKB48 Team K – Gyukuten Oujisama (Rank 14)
  3. AKB48 Team A – Senaka kara dakishimete (Rank 15)
  4. AKB48 Team K – Kokoro no Hashi Sofa (Rank 17)
  5. AKB48 Team A – Manatsu no Christmas Rose (Rank 19)
  6. NMB48 Team N – Cattleya no Hana wo Miru Tabi ni (Rank 22)
  7. NMB48 Team N – Kono Sekai ga Yuki no Naka ni Umoreru Mae ni (Rank 24)
  8. SKE48 Team S – Wimbledon he tureteitte (Rank 25)
  9. SKE48 Team S – Glory days (Rank 27)
  10. AKB48 Team K – Maria (Rank 28)
  11. AKB48 Team K – Ashita no Tame ni kiss wo (Rank 29)
  12. SKE48 Team S – Mangekyou (Rank 30)

My AKB48 Group Top 30 Songs Ranking (Mid 2016) [Singles/Album]



Half way through 2016. Many AKB groups released singles / album at the same time as well.

2 x AKB48 Single [Kimi wa melody, Tsubasa wa iranai]

1 x SKE48 Single [Chicken Line]

1 x NMB48 Single [Amagami Hime]

1 x HKT48 Single [74 Okubun no 1 no Kimi e]

1 x Nogizaka46 Single [Harujion ga Sakukoro], 1 x Album [Sorezore no Isu]

1 x Keyakizaka46 Single [Silent Majority]

Lets start…

== Singles/Album/Indies ==

Rank 30 (HKT48 Team KIV – Yumemiru Team KIV) [Ex Rank 23]
Type B

Rank 29 (NGT48 – Kimi wa Doko ni Iru?) [NEW]

Rank 28 (AKB48 Team 8 – Yume e no Route) [NEW]
Type B LE

Rank 27 (AKB48 – 365 Nichi no Kamihikouki) [Ex Rank 08]
Type A

Rank 26 (Watanabe Miyuki – Waruki) [Ex Rank 27]

Rank 25 (Miyazawa Sae and Friends – Tabi no Tochuu) [NEW]

Rank 24 (Miyawaki Sakura + Kodama Haruka – Taboo no Iro) [NEW]

Rank 23 (NyaKB with Tsuchinokopanda – Idol wa Unyanya no Ken) [Remain]

Rank 22 (NGT48 – Max Toki 315-go) [NEW]
Type D R

Rank 21 (AKB48 – Heavy Rotation) [Ex Rank 16]
Limited A

Rank 20 (AKB48 Team Surprise – Tokimeki Antique) [Unranked]

Rank 19 (Love Cresendo – Koppu no Naka no Komorebi) [Ex Rank 06]

Rank 18 (No3b – Answer) [Rank 05]

Rank 17 (Minegishi Minami – Watashi wa Watashi) [Ex Rank 10]
cover C

Rank 16 (Nogizaka46 – Inochi wa Utsukushii) [Ex Rank 09]
Type A

Rank 15 (Yamamoto Sayaka + Yamada Nana – Tomodachi) [Ex Rank 14]
Type N

Rank 14 (Nogizaka46 – Harujion ga Sakukuro) [NEW]

Rank 13 (Shimazaki Haruka + Yokoyama Yui – Tomodachi de Irarerunara) [Unranked]

Rank 12 (Kojima Haruna + Yokoyama Yui – Anogoro, Sukidatta Hito) [Unranked]

Rank 11 (HKT48 – Make Noise) [NEW]
Type C R

Rank 10 (NMB48 – Shigamitsuita Seishun) [NEW]
Type B R

Rank 09 (HKT48 – 74 Okubun no 1 no Kimi e) [NEW]

Rank 08 (AKB48 – Tsubasa wa Iranai) [NEW]
Type A LE

Rank 07 (SKE48 – Boku wa shiteiru) [Unranked]

Rank 06 (AKB48 – Kuchibiru ni Be My Baby) [Ex Rank 01]
Type A

Rank 05 (AKB48 – Kimi wa Melody) [NEW]
Type A R

Rank 04  (AKB48 – Bokutachi wa Tatakawanai) [Ex Rank 02]
Type A

Rank 03 (AKB48 – Madonna no Sentaku) [Remain]
Type B

Rank 02 (NogizakaAKB – Mazariau Mono) [NEW]
Type E R

Rank 01 (Keyakizaka46 – Silent Majority) [NEW]


  1. Nogizaka46 – Taiyou Knock (Rank 04)
  2. AKB48 – Halloween Night (Rank 07)
  3. Maeda Atsuko – Migikata (Rank 11)
  4. Kojima Haruna – 7-kai no “Les Mis” (Rank 12)
  5. Kashiwagi Yuki – Kazanbai (Rank 13)
  6. AKB48 – Ai no Sonzai (Rank 15)
  7. AKB48 – Flying Get (Rank 17)
  8. NMB48 – Takane no Ringo (Rank 18)
  9. AKB48 – Iiwake Maybe (Rank 19)
  10. Nogizaka46 – Nandome no Aozora ka (Rank 20)
  11. Watanabe Mayu – Deai no Tsuzuki (Rank 21)
  12. NMB48 Team N – Inochi no Heso (Rank 24)
  13. AKB48 – Anata ga ite kure dakara (Rank 25)
  14. AKB48 Undergirls – Kimi no Senaka (Rank 26)
  15. NMB48 Team BII – Kokoro no Myoji wo Kake! (Rank 28)
  16. AKB48 – Heart Ereki (Rank 29)
  17. NMB48 – Dorian Shonen (Rank 30)

AKB48 45th Single Senbatsu Sousenkyo


The time has come for the annual akb event. If you are a fan of AKB, you will definitely know about this event. An annual event that you vote for your favourite member in AKB48 Group (AKB48, SKE48, NMB48, HKT48 and NGT48) to be elected in the next Single release. Top 80 members with the most votes will participate in the upcoming Single in August 2016. The voting ticket for this event come from varies methods such as purchasing the CD, be the fan club member or AKB on Demand subscription member.

This year i shall predict the top 16 members and the reason why is that so…

I will start with 16th and end with 1st.

16. Okada Nana (AKB48 Team 4)

The super popular member in Handshake for being too MAJIME. She takes all activities seriously and provide a good fan service in both 2shot and handshake event as well. She was well received by the fans and welcome as the new upcoming member in AKB.

15. Iriyama Anna (AKB48 Team A)

Anyone still remember her? Annin from AKB48 Team A. The highest Rank she received was Rank 20 in the year 2014. Many mentioned that she got Rank 20 due to vote of sympathy however i do not feel it that way. She is strong enough to strike into Top 16. She carries on her AKB activities despite her injury so please do support her.

14. Minegishi Minami (AKB48 Team K)


Being in the group for more than 10 years is really a tough thing. She was not able to secure a top 16 position for the past two years. She is one of the two 1st Generation members left in AKB and she declared that this will be her last SSK. SO….. It may turn out well?

13. Takayanagi Akane (SKE48 Team KII)


She received her highest ranking last year, Rank 14. Despite having not much exposure for the past 1 year, i believe her fans will not allow her to drop out of Top 16 either. The Ace of SKE48 2nd Generation. GO FOR IT!

12. Kitahara Rie (NGT48 Team NIII)


Transferred to NGT48 as Captain, participate in both NGT48 original song. I don’t foresee her dropping out of Top 16? Rank 14 maybe a good position for her as well due to the new competition coming into Top 16.

11. Kodama Haruka (HKT48 Team H / AKB48 Team K)


The Ace of HKT48. She is the original ACE of HKT48 till Tashima Meru stepped as Center position. However, she was well received by the fans and management, she got her 1st center position in HKT48 4th Single “Hikaeme I love you!”. Her popularity started to rise and she got a really good position of Rank 17 in 41st Single as the Center of Undergirls.

10. Suda Akari (SKE48 Team E)


SKE48 required a 2nd prominent member to be in the Senbatsu. She was dropped out of Top 16 last year and she made a very long speech on the stage. The speech may have affected her fans and decided to power vote her in this time round. Don’t estimate the power of SKE48 Oshi. Oh well, just wondering will the Hako Oshi power vote her or Jurina instead?

09. Yokoyama Yui (AKB48 Team A)


Being the 2nd Generation of AKB48, she is well respected by the members and the fans. As one of the prominent AKB48 senbatsu member, i believe Rank 09 will be the right position for her 😀

08. Miyawaki Sakura (HKT48 Team KIV / AKB48 Team A)


Sakura Sake! Sakura tan, unfortunately, i believe that her rank will drop from 7 to 8. Why is that so? many will question why? Her popularity is increasing by alot. Yes i know. But at the same time, she is getting more and more antis. After her center position for Kimi wa melody was announced, negative comments were almost everywhere on why is she receiving so much exposure? This is just my opinion. Anyway, she still do her best to live up to management and fans expectation. I hope this will beneficial for her 😀

07. Shimazaki Haruka (AKB48 Team A)


Salt? Paruru? Yutori? Shimazaki Haruka desu….. I feel that Rank 7 will just be the rank for her as the competition is really tense. The votes may increase as well. She was absent from most of AKB48 activity due to her health and injury issue. I believe she does not want that to happen as well. Recently, she was back to promoting the new single Tsubasa wa iranai in heels. It has been a while since she wore that, at the same time she begin some light dancing in music programs as well. She mentioned this will be her last election as well so… All the best to her. *I voted for her as well… being my 2nd oshi…*

Paruru Screen 1

06. Nyan Nyan Kamen aka Kojima Haruna (AKB48 ?? / AKB48 Team A)


Nyan Nyan Kamen.. Someone from the future? or Kojima Haruna in Disguise? Hahaha… few of the nyan nyan oshi feel that this may be a way for her being a troll and at the same time she is trying to convey a message over to the fans. She mentioned before that she will announce something when everyone is happy.. Maybe that’s true? we dont know… but all i know is… Is time to power vote her in… “I voted her as well”

NNK Screen 1

05. Kashiwagi Yuki (AKB48 Team B / NGT48 Team NIII)


Yukirin. She got 2nd last year and it was a fruitful year for her as well. Getting a 3rd live concert as a solo member, is really fantastic. However, i can’t foresee her getting the same rank as last year. This year will be a battle of the Group Ace… Unfortunately, she was not part of the group ace..

04. Yamamoto Sayaka (NMB48 Team N)


Sayanee, her last SSK as well.. The most prominent member in NMB and the only representative from NMB since milky withdraw her application for SSK. I guess 4th will be the best Rank for her in her AKB48 group history. There might be a chance for her to beat Jurina in Ranking, however, we are not sure about it.

03. Matsui Jurina (SKE48 Team S)


Matsui Jurina, the eternal Ace or soul of SKE48. Since Matsui Rena left, the whole SKE burden lies on her. She is the only SKE48 representative in AKB right now. Her election speech was very stressful and sad. Her fans out there, hope they have heard her and decided to vote her up to top 3.

02. Watanabe Mayu (AKB48 Team B)


Mayuyu, congrats on getting 1st in preliminary round. However, i am unable to expect or foresee her overtaking Sasshi in getting the Top this year. Based on last year votes count, the difference between Sasshi and her was 28,260 votes. I am not saying that, miracle will not happen but i just unable to foresee her getting 1st. However, miracles do happen… Mayuyu, all the best.

01. Sashihara Rino (HKT48 Team H)


1st is Koi Suru Fortune Cookie and 2nd turned out to be Halloween Night. Rank 1st in 2013 and 2015 election. Will she be able to grab the Rank 1 again this year? Will she break the curse of “not getting 1st consecutively”? We shall see. Sasshi’s fans are really strong and i am sure they wont disappoint her either. Oh well, we shall see the result later on BS SKY and Fuji Tv live stream.


All the best girls.



Nyan Nyan Kamen


Who is Nyan Nyan kamen? Nyan Nyan Kamen is an AKB48 Member from Year 22XX. She submitted her sousenkyou application on 23 March 2016 4PM JST.


Reference: and

Rumors said that She is Kojima Haruna in disguise or some graduates in disguise. However the identity of  Nyan Nyan Kamen was leaked by Kojima Haruna by accident on Twitter.


The tweet was removed few minutes after the post. The official identity was only revealed in the SSK 2016 Book.


A twitter account is created as well:

What make it even funnier is the SSK appeal video. Kojima Haruna appeared only at the last few seconds in the video.

Many AKB48 fans raged on her troll actions and there are fans who were happy that she run this election as well. It might be a gimmick or it may be an agreement between Kojima Haruna and the management or a hint to something. We do not know the real reason behind this.

AKB48 Official Channel uploaded Story of Nyan Nyan Kamen Episode 01 as well. Ermm… look like a parody.. oh well.. She will also participate in Both Stage Fighter and AKB Otoge game.


Anyway, lets talk about the Top 5 Reasons to vote for Nyan Nyan Kamen!

  1. Kojima Haruna Look alike
  2. She came from the future 😀
  3. She make the election more interesting
  4. This may be her 1st and last SSK
  5. This may be “Kojima Haruna” Last SSK

As a fellow AKB48 fans, please give her your support too 😀

nyan nyan kamen

She received Rank 11 in the preliminary round of 8th SSK. Lets hope for the best and see her grabbed the Kami 7 Seat!