My 25th Birthday finally comes. Apparently, this year birthday was a very quiet one. I was actually expecting something from my friends maybe like initiating a meet up or something? instead i had to do it myself and friends didn’t really give me a reply. Oh well, at least i had my fun at JB previously.

At the age of 25, i had walked through half of this journey myself. Life wasn’t easy with all the up and down. For the past one year, there were much changes and decision i had made for the year.

  1. I decided to split the study group up from 5 people to 3 people due to conflicts in interest
  2. Went to Japan for AKB48 2shot event.
  3. Applied for a temporary position job to accumulate experience and get myself ready for permanent position in the near future.
  4. Struggling between temporary job, part time job and school at the same time.
  5. Finally decided to quit my part time job to focus on my Temporary job.

My wishes for my birthday will be a smooth 1 year ahead and of course know more people at work.

What i expect in 2016 will be….

  1. Graduation from Degree program in March
  2. Employed as a permanent employee by April
  3. Slim down? of course?
  4. Fulfilled my promises to Phuket.
  5. Everyone to be in good health.

That’s all for now..

Happy birthday to myself!! and Good luck to my final exam paper that fall on the same day!!


Any Comment????? Feel Free to Do so :D

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