Mini AKB48 Handshake/2Shot Guide for Overseas Fans

Hello Readers!! I actually received a request from one of the reader just very recently on one of my blog post. I decided to give it a try. The request is how to apply the AKB48 2shot or handshakes events tickets for overseas fans.


I am not sure is this alright to share my knowledge on this but i am sure that there are other guides out there too, maybe is just not as updated i guess? Here i go!! There are some screenshots that may seem small to you, you can click onto the picture to enlarge it for your reference.

Please credit me if you wish to re use or post it somewhere. I spend quite some timing doing screenshot and typing the content out. Thanks 😀


Disclaimer: I am not responsible for the consequences of any actions taken on the basis of the information provided in this mini guide.

Step 1: Register a free account at Tenso English Website. If you understand english, it is pretty straightforward though. After successful registration, an exclusive Tenso Address for your account can be found under the My Page Tab.12
*Kindly do a verification of your account with Tenso upon successful registration. Scan your identification document that is tally with the name you provide for Tenso account to ensure fast processing of parcel in future.

Step 2: Go to AKB48 Chara Ani Website at this link : and register an account with Chara Ani. See the block box below is the new member registration tab if you are not familiar with japanese characters.

Step 3: You will see a list of terms and conditions before registration. You can seek a friend who understand japanese to translate for you. At the bottom of the T&C will be the agree or disagree. The red highlighted box below will be the agreed option.

Step 4: This is the part where you will need to input all the details you received from Tenso into the fields in this page! I will do a sample for the readers. Please put your name printed on the passport at this “お名前 (Name)” field. The name that will be printed on the event ticket is important for verification during the event. I will do the sample after the picture.

This is ONLY a SAMPLE, please do it with your own details during registration. DO NOT blindly copy and paste!

  1. ログインID / Login ID : Your choice
  2. パスワード/ Password: Your choice
    *[password requirement: english characters and numbers and symbols (- or . or _ or @) in your own sequence]
  3. パスワード(確認用)/ Password re confirmation: Retype your choice of password combination
  4. お名前 / Name :
    *Key the name in Full width in CAPS, this name field is very important, it must be the same as the one printed on your passport and tenso account for verification purpose.

    • (姓/ Surname) LEE
    • (名/ Given Name) KEVIN
  5. フリガナ / Katakana:
    *You can try this if you need help in translating your name to Katakana.

    • (姓/ Surname)  リー
    • (名/ Given Name) ケビン
  6. メールアドレス / Email Address
  7. メールアドレス(確認用)/ Email Address Re confirmation
  8. ご住所 / Address:
    *Get the address information under my page in tenso website. All characters are to be in Full Width format except for postal code [〒]. (After successful registration as every account got different address) I shall emphasize again, this is only a Sample so do not copy and paste blindly. Sample is as follows:

    • 〒 120-0023
    • 都道府県: 東京都
    • 市区町村 足立区千住曙町
    • 番地42-4
    • マンション名TS00000転送コム
  9. 電話番号 / Contact Number
    *Get the number from your account in Tenso too.
  10. FAX番号 / Fax Number
    *You can just leave it blank.
  11. 生年月日 / Date of Birth:
    • 年/Year
    • 月/Month
    • 日/Day
  12. 性別 / Gender:
    • 男性/Male
    • 女性/Female
  13. 保護者のお名前 / Guardian’s Name
    *You can leave this blank if you are over the age of 13 years old
  14. メールマガジン / Newsletter subscription

For further clarification, you can use the tenso guide for more in dept information at

Step 5: Check the details of the Ballot session and the event schedule. The ballot session is at the left box and the event schedule is at the right box. You can check the king records website at regarding the event details for more information.
*In this case when i did the screenshot, the ballot session is already over. I will briefly describe the ballot session. In the usual cases, there will be around 6 rounds of ballots session. The duration of each ballot session and the number tickets allowed to ballot for each members varies. So look at the Ballot session section for more information.

Step 6: Once you confirm that you gonna ballot for the event ticket and the cd, there will be a button for you to press at the top of the page as shown below. Make sure you ballot for the correct Single / Album.

After you click on it, as usual, T&C will appear again and you had to read it before continuing. Once you are done, Tick on to the agree box and proceed by clicking on to the big pink box below it.

Just a gentle Reminder before you proceed with the balloting, 1 theatre single/album come with 1 event ticket. So if you ballot and won 10 event tickets, it also means that you will get 10 same theatre cd too.

Step 7: Selecting the Event dates and number of tickets to ballot.

As you can see from the screenshot below, the left box show a list of dates and Team. Select the event date that you will be attending and which team the members below to.

For Example: I will like to go for Owada Nana Event Slot 5 on the 21st Feb 2015. I will select 21st Feb Team A at the left box and click onto the small pink box beside it to refresh the member list. I select Owada Nana Slot 5 with 1 ticket. You can multiple select other members too. The maximum numbers of selection allows will be shown in the ballot session at the front page. Once i confirm, click on to the pink box at the bottom of the page to proceed on to the confirmation page.

Side track abit, i realised that i did not mentioned about the Event Slot for member. Usually in AKB48 handshake or 2shot event will have the same timing for the event slot. Different members will be allocated to different slots. Usually for senbatsu / popular members will get more slots. Slots in each events are below the Event schedule in the front page. It will look something like this:

  1. 第1部9:00~10:30(10:00受付終了)
  2. 第2部10:30~12:00(11:30受付終了)
  3. 第3部12:00~13:30(13:00受付終了)
  4. 第4部13:30~15:00(14:30受付終了)
  5. 第5部15:00~16:30(16:00受付終了)
  6. 第6部16:30~18:00(17:30受付終了)
  7. 第7部18:30~20:00(19:30受付終了)
  8. 第8部20:00~21:30(21:00受付終了)

Each queue for each slot will stop 30 minutes before the end time. So plan your journey carefully :D.

Step 8: Confirmation page with your personal details and the number of selection. Double check before you press the confirm button.

Step 9: Once you confirmed the ballot session, you will see this successful ballot page. However this does not mean that you are guaranteed a ticket for those you have selected. The system will do a random ballot after the balloting session end. You will received an email telling you whether have you won your selections. So just wait for good news then 😀

Step 10: After the ballot session end, you will receive an email notifying you the result of your selection or you can check the result at the 1st tab at the top page (1 hour or more after the ballot session end).

(Amended as of 7 October 2016) As you can see from the below screenshot:

  • 落選 / Won Lost
  • 当選 / Lost Won

So once you won the ticket, it means your selection are guaranteed and you can either wait for payment or continue to ballot for more tickets.09

Step 11: Payment mode usually is after all the ballot session ended. An email will be send to you to request payment from you within a certain period. Kindly make the payment at AKB48 chara ani website under the 2nd tab (購入履歴) at the top page. Delivery charge is standard 500yen no matter how much you had balloted. Once payment is done, just wait for the AKB Singles / Albums and the ticket to ship to the Tenso address on the released date.

Take Kuchibiru ni be my baby as an example: The release date for this single is on the 9th December 2015. So just wait for it!


Step 12: Once Tenso received your parcel at the given address, Tenso will drop you an email to arrange overseas delivery to your home. The best delivery option they offered is EMS. so ya. Dont complain!! haha.

Step 13: On the event day, bring along your passport and all the event tickets that you had balloted to the information account in the event hall to get verification stamp. This is the safe method for foreigners. Please be safe :P.

Step 14: After which, bring your ticket and passport to the member lane that you had balloted. There will be another round of verification, so just do the same by showing the balloted ticket and your passport.

and tadah!! That’s all i have to write about this. OH WAIT!!

Additional information:

At the 1st tab, you can see the number of ballot for the current event. Like i mentioned about, by submitting your selection does not mean you are guaranteed a ticket. Therefore, you are still able to cancel your selection before the particular ballot session end! By clicking on to the black box as shown in below screenshot you will proceed to the temporary invoice page.

At This temporary invoice page, you will see this green box that i highlighted in red. That is the cancellation button. So you still can do cancellation before the ballot session end.

Once u had clicked onto the cancel button, you will see this screenshot below with all the cancel slot for your account.

Ok That’s all for my guide. I hope this really help those overseas fans out there 😀 Cheers.

At the same time, you can take a look at my 2shot / handshake experience post too:

  1. AKB48 Kibouteki Refrain Handshake Event [Dec 2014]
  2. AKB48 Koko ga Rhodes da Koko de Tobe 2shot Event [May 2015]

Disclaimer: I am not responsible for the consequences of any actions taken on the basis of the information provided in this mini guide


12 responses to “Mini AKB48 Handshake/2Shot Guide for Overseas Fans

  1. Thanks for the clear and well written post.
    Btw,you going to still continue follow akb48 when kojiharu graduate?

  2. Ah desuki san, i want to ask..
    So we have to buy and do ballot long before going to japan?
    And then we got the cd/dvd along with the event tickets from Tenso to our address (Ex: Singapore)

    Then going to japan (the event) and bring all the stuffs?
    and sorry for asking to much…

    So that means we need to buy and ballot the cd/dvd to get the handshake/2shot tickets??
    So we can’t buy the tickets alone, right?

    Thank desuki-san

    • Hello, Thank you for your comment

      Yes. The balloting for the Single or Album usually will occur months before the release date.

      Lets take the most recent album “0と1の間” as an example.

      The release date was in November but the ballot session started in September.

      When the ballot session is opened, you will be able to see the event’s date and venue.

      The tickets comes together with the Album / Single.

      On the day of the event, you are required to produce your passport and the event tickets (you received from the ballot) for verification. The physical cds are not required for verification.

      Thanks hope it clafiry

  3. hi desuki-san,
    i wondering, what do I do if I have ticket for a member who is graduating (Ueda Mirei) and she does not participate in handshake events?
    thank you desuki-san

    • Her Last Theatre is on the 30th September 2016 and NMB Event is on the 2nd October 2016.

      There will be two scenarios. Either the ticket will become an open ticket or it will be invalid.

      You might need to check your mail or the AKB/NMB blog for updates on the graduated members handshake session. There might be update for you to select another member as replacement.

  4. hi desuki-san,
    thank you for answering my question.
    i have love trip ticket for 27th November 2016.
    what is open ticket and how get?
    thank you for help desuki-san!

    • Open ticket means you can go for any “not sold out slot” members on the day..

      i encountered once where i present my tickets to the information booth, the staff updated the ticket with a stamp to indicate “Open ticket”.

      However, for graduated members, i am not sure will it be automatically converted to open ticket.. You might have to check your email / AKB blog for it..

  5. Hi desuki. I found your guide very clear, comprehensive and useful. I just sent my first application for a special handshake (“dai akushukai”) ever, and hope I could meet Paruru once more (I attended a Zenkoku HS in April 2014). You might correct this though, because are swapped 🙂 (落選 / Won
    当選 / Lost). Thxs.

    Santiago, Chile

  6. desuki san,
    hello, i follow your instructions and got tenso.
    i sign up for three 46th single tickets but get rejected even they are unpopular girls, why?
    thank you

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