Review: AKB48 Best Album “0 to 1 no Aida”


The time has come for AKB48 to release another Album. In my opinion, i like the photos and the design for this album. However, the songs determine otherwise. When the album was 1st announced, i was shocked. Didn’t they released one album just in January?

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I am surprised in the line up of the members selected for the unit songs. Oshima Ryoka still remains as management favourite despite not ranking in sousenkyo this year.

Other than Matsui Jurina, Sashihara Rino, Miyawaki Sakura and Yamamoto Sayaka the popular faces were selected, Kodama Haruka is selected for one unit too. As usual the popular one will take the common trend which is the duet song in this album.

Why am i not surprised that they left out Kitahara Rie, Miyazawa Sae and Minegishi Minami. They are like the members got thrown into the fridge and freeze it by the management. Despite having so much claims on the net that miichan is not doing well but still cant deny she is still the Starting member of AKB. Same go for Sae, how many times akb management want to isolate her? She got a freaking 8th position in Sousenkyo this year and she was shadowed again and again… zzz Kitarie wise, i got nth much to say, i shall wait and see her exposure in NGT.

There you go for the Reviews:

【No.1 Singles】

28 Rank 1st in 1st Week Chart and 3 New Songs

This song sound like a lullaby, but i cant really hear sasshi voice when they sang together. Or should i say Yukirin voice is too strong?

What should i say about this song? 1st is the title: Toy Poodle. 1st they have Labrador Retriever as a song title and now Toy Poodle. No matter how much i listen to this song, it is just too cute type of song for me. NEXT SONG!!

Buahaha, the highlight of this type. I am sorry if i sound very bias because my oshi is kojiharu. Fortunately, this song is so much nicer and soothing. Yui voice is shadowed by Kojiharu. I love the starting part where the 1st verse came in. Love it. Is it the violin that caught my attention to this song? Hahaha

【Million Singles】

23 Million Seller Single and 6 New Songs

9.Clap(新曲)【歌唱メンバー:Team A】
10.愛の使者(新曲)【歌唱メンバー:Team K】
11.ミュージックジャンキー(新曲)【歌唱メンバー:Team B】
12.泣き言タイム(新曲)【歌唱メンバー:Team 4】
13.一生の間に何人と出逢えるのだろう(新曲)【歌唱メンバー:Team 8】

For Once, i did not like any of the Team Song.

  • Team A style tried another new style of Song after Oh Baby from the previous album.
  • Team K is just too sleepy? where is the power style of Team K?
  • Team B wise, errrr vocaloid?
  • Team 4 Song, errmmmmm isn’t Team 4 is the next generation Team? but it sound so bland..
  • Team 8, How should i say? Abit dreamy dreamy but is this Team 8 Style?

14.LOVE ASH(新曲)【歌唱メンバー:高橋みなみ、山本彩】
Is It me or is this two is a bad mix for this song? Takamina and Sayanee has their own style of solo song. I know they have a good vocal to begin with, so i expected a much solid type of song but this song is like… Nope. Bad blend.

【Complete Singles】
All AKB48 43 Single (with 2 Rearranged) + 3 New Songs

1.桜の花びらたち(2015 BEST ver.)
I expected new lyrics at the back of the song as they had one 2013 ver where the lyrics were modified. However, this version only some instrumental changes were made. Nothing special.

2.スカート、ひらり(2015 BEST ver.)
At 1st look at the title, i though it was a reshuffle of the graduated members with new members but it turned out very messed up with the new background music.

Ermm, i am sure is either Sakura improved her vocal or it was tuned. I like the christmas type of background music but the song is not christmas enough!!

When i started listening to the song, the starting music caught my attention as it sound like some DJmax song but when the vocal come in especially the chorus which become a negative for me. I am surprised that the management is still trying to push oshima ryoka out to the fans..

Slightly like koko de rhodes song and Kono Sekai ga Yuki no Naka ni Umo but it sound abit different. So after ricchan left, anrire left with only Annin and Renacchi. Yuria and haruppi got added in.

【Theater Edition】

23 Million Seller Single and 2 New Songs

9.てんとうむChu ! を探せ!(新曲)【歌唱メンバー:てんとうむChu !】
This one is really no no no!!! Boring song with just Tentoumu chu again and again! Is really cater for their fans only. The only i like is still kimi dake ni chu chu chu.

10.あれから僕は勉強が手につかない(新曲)【歌唱メンバー:でんでんむChu !】
The 2nd song of denden mu chu. I will say this is one of the nicest song i heard in this album. Slow and Dreamy… Weee…

Overall Ranking of the new songs excluding the 2 rearranged:

  1. あの頃、好きだった人(新曲)【歌唱メンバー:小嶋陽菜、横山由依】
  2. あれから僕は勉強が手につかない(新曲)【歌唱メンバー:でんでんむChu !
  3. やさしくありたい(新曲)【歌唱メンバー:柏木由紀、指原莉乃】
  4. ロザリオ(新曲)【歌唱メンバー:入山杏奈・加藤玲奈・木﨑ゆりあ・兒玉遥】
  5. Clap(新曲)【歌唱メンバー:Team A】
  6. ミュージックジャンキー(新曲)【歌唱メンバー:Team B】
  7. 一生の間に何人と出逢えるのだろう(新曲)【歌唱メンバー:Team 8】
  8. 泣き言タイム(新曲)【歌唱メンバー:Team 4】
  9. LOVE ASH(新曲)【歌唱メンバー:高橋みなみ、山本彩】
  10. 愛の使者(新曲)【歌唱メンバー:Team K】
  11. 始まりの雪(新曲)【歌唱メンバー:大島涼花・高橋朱里・田野優花・武藤十夢】
  12. クリスマスイブに泣かないように(新曲)【歌唱メンバー:宮脇咲良・渡辺麻友】
  13. てんとうむChu ! を探せ!(新曲)【歌唱メンバー:てんとうむChu !】

Congrats in grabbing the 1st spot in Oricon Weekly Album Chart:




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