October 2015


Another Month has passed and is already november!!!! Seriously!! i cant wait to graduate!!! My Final exam will be in December and worst still, it falls on my birthday!! DAMN IT!! Oh well….

October wasn’t really a good month for me which all the things happening around me. I took some time to face the problems that i am facing and eventually i will overcome it.

In october, i finally met up with my ladies that i didn’t met them for the past few months. A catch up with dim sum buffet at Peach Garden @ Thomsom plaza. Not really alot of variety back at least they served us the dishes quite fast.


After which we proceeded to a nearby cafe “Salted Caramel” for our desserts and chit chat session. It has been awhile since we really had a proper conversation between us as there were some misunderstanding previously.12122715_10153332943143702_8918409347638237619_n



Life wasn’t boring and the following week, i met up with my secondary school friends. It had been a while since we last met up but most of them wasn’t really available on the day so only 4 of us met up for a quick dinner at The Carving Board.


We queued for about 45 mins till our turn. That was my 2nd time visiting this place and yet i still didn’t get the chance to try their signature dishes as it were already sold out when it was my turn!

12108202_10153344164338702_3127948811752239594_n 12115837_10153344231538702_4937481898122978817_n

Last but not least a wefie to remember this day that we spend 45 mins queuing for dinner!!




Company Dance and dinner, i guessed i don’t need to mention much about this since it was already published as a post individually. Oh well, to be be honest, i still enjoy the food there. I guessed i gained 1 kg from just eating on that day?? haha.


Another meet up with my secondary friends, this time round with more people. It was quite a last minute planning so i didn’t expect much and worst still, my friend ching wen suggested Mookata!! zzzzz WHY!!!!


We visited this new Mookata stall at golden mile complex named Y Cube Mookata. It has quite alot of choices for us to choose from. It served crayfish, crabs and oysters too.. Although i am not a fan of those but my friends are.. Oh my gawd! >.<


Enjoyed ourselves with all the gossiping and some were sharing their travel experiences from taiwan and korea to the rest. Awesome!!! I am not a fan of korea but some day i will like to visit there at least once. Phew…


Last day in October which is yesterday.. It was HALLOWEEN NIGHT!! but who cares about halloween night when i have a My Pet My Family Event to attend!! I registered my dog for a free pet health check and decided to bring him to go take a look at the outside world instead of trapping at home most of the time.


The Vet mentioned that my dog is overweighted and had to do regular exercise!! but the thing is he doesn’t like to exercise. Exactly same as the owner 😀 haha. He only know how to eat. Look at that happy face.


Had a pinic at the green roof and end the day by watching Marley and me shown on the big screen.

IMG_7962 IMG_7973


Personally, i feel that the days are a test to myself. Studies, working life, human relations and health issues are bugging me this month. I had an exam just a week ago, make up with my friends after some conflicts, my asthma is coming back due to the horrible haze from Indonesia. Argh!!!

Of course there are good things that happened too, i finally overcome the loneliness for lunch!! I downloaded drama or anime series to watch on my office com while i ate my lunch. Feel so much better now. And i had booked a trip to Japan again!!! The trip will be in March next year! Hope it went well!!

Bye October and Hello November! November please be good!! 😀

Any Comment????? Feel Free to Do so :D

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