My 2nd Dance and Dinner Event


It was my second company Dance and Dinner Event at Fairmont Hotel Singapore. There was many mixed feelings attending this event. My original intention is to gather with the colleagues for the last time but apparently not everyone attended.


This Year door gift was a special design soap. I don’t see the need of having those but oh well i will just keep it. I was hoping to win at least a $20 ntuc gift voucher for lucky draw but I DIDN’T WON ANY in the end!!


Met up with Shida since the rest will be late. We took our time to reach the hotel and took a few selfie. Apparently there wasn’t much photos taken compared to last year.

10408925_10206103567402849_8548892264752747730_n IMG_7828 IMG_7831

The event started with the boss speech and the award ceremony for 5 years contribution in the company. AND MY MANAGER GOT THE AWARD!! Woohoo… 5 Years award. such compassion in the company.. haha…


Last but not least a group photo with the rest. This will be the last group photo i took with the office people before i left this company.


This time round, i wasn’t feeling much happier compared to last year as most of the time the rest weren’t around. I wasn’t able to mix around when they all went for smoke break as i know my asthma is hinting me already. As long as the haze doesn’t get better, the chances of my asthma coming back is so high.

There was so much mixed feeling when i was on my way back home. I asked myself that when will be my last day in this company.. November? December? January? or till i found a full time job?

Since i talked about full time job, i shall talked abit on my new job in another new company. Currently i am holding two jobs in two companies. To be very honest, i am not happy at all at my new job. I didn’t have proper communication or friendly working environment. I am not sure that is it because i am new to the work place thats why i am feeling this way.  I was greatly affected by having lunch alone and got criticize by public. Ever since i told myself that i will never have lunch alone in public, so since then i packed food and enjoy my lunch in office. I am trying to make myself feel better. I really hope that it will improve as time goes by.


2 responses to “My 2nd Dance and Dinner Event

  1. Hope the work environment picks up.
    I’m lucky if I get a Hot Pocket in my office at lunch.
    At least I get to watch the music videos you and others post.

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