Japan Trip 2015 Day 3 (5 May 2015) [AKB48 2shot Event]


Third day in Japan, we woke up super early to get ourselves ready for the AKB48 2shot event. I had already decided what to wear for 2shot event a month ago before I reached Japan. I bought a Kojima Haruna Birthday Shirt 2015 version and will be wearing that together with a vest but unfortunately, the vest was spoiled in that morning. So I ended up wearing with my Jacket.

IMG_4313 IMG_4314

Left the apartment around 745am and reached Minatomirai (Yokohama) at around 9am. Met the other three friends (Siong, Edwin and Ryoji) at the train Station and we proceeded to Pacifico Yokohama for the event.


We balloted our slots from slot 2 onwards so we were not required to wake up that early. Before we went into the event hall, it was time to take a group photo to remember this event!!! But Edwin insisted on being the camera man. oh well…

IMG_4980As we entered, Ryoji helped Kevin on the name issues on the ticket while I helped the rest on getting the ticket verified. So we ballot accordingly as follows: Member name (Slot number)

  1. Me [Kojima Haruna (3), Ichikawa Miori (4), Owada Nana (5)]
  2. Kevin [Miyazawa Sae (3), Motomura Aoi (4)]
  3. Siong [Suda Akari (2), Kojima Haruna (3), Kimoto Kanon (4), Owada Nana (5), Kojima Mako (6), Yagura Fuko (7)]
  4. Edwin [Yokoyama Yui (3), Kitagawa Ryoha (4), Owada Nana (5), Kojima Mako (6), Okada Nana (7)]
  5. Ryoji [Iwatate Saho (2), Kato Rena (3)]
  6. Matthew [Shimazaki Haruka (3), Kizaki Yuria (4), Owada Nana (5), Kodama Haruka (6), Yagura Fuko (7)]

IMG_4981 IMG_4982 IMG_4983

I went to Kojima Haruna for my first choice together with Siong. I screwed up again when I met her. I said hi to her and she immediately go into the twist pose and we took the photo without talking. I was so nervous again!!! Why like that!!! Worst part is I did not set my camera setting to HDR mode and the photo turned out to be disappointing due to the setting. We got to say Thank you and bye to each other and I got forced out by the security!! Tsk…. >.<

IMG_4984(1) IMG_4989 (3)

Second member I went was Ichikawa Miori and I was not that nervous. That was a short queue at her lane surprisingly and quite a lot of female fans spotted. When it was my turn, our conversation started:
Ichikawa Miori: Hello!! (Stretched her hand out to shake hands with me)
Me: Good Afternoon, I came from Singapore.
Ichikawa Miori: Ahhh, Really?? How are you?
Me: I am fine! What about you?
Ichikawa Miori: I am very happy and so what pose you want to do today?
Me: Ermmm, What pose you recommend?
Ichikawa Miori: Ermmmmmmmmm, what about using the lemon on the table and we put it side by side together?
Me: Ok!
Ichikawa Miori: Let’s Go!! (Take photo)
Me: Thank you so much!! I will continue to support you!
Ichikawa Miori: Ahhh, Thank you. Please Come Again!!! Bye bye

IMG_4992 (1) IMG_4996

My Experience with Miorin wasn’t that bad… Quite enjoyable and relaxed. And my last member will be Owada Nana. This time round, 4 of us queued together (Matt, Edwin, Siong and Me). Again, I started to get nervous!! So not much of a conversation between both of us.

Owada Nana: Hello.
Me: Hello.
Owada Nana: What pose you want to do today?
Me: Ermmmm Nya? (I was lost of words)
Owada Nana: Nya? Neko? Ok!
1, 2, 3 Cheese!!
Owada Nana: Thank you so much!!
I checked the photo and it was alright and I turned back to na nya while being forced out by the security!
Me: Na nya, All the best to the upcoming senbatsu sousenkyou!
Owada Nana: Thank you!!!!

IMG_4998(1) IMG_5001

As for my friends, i shall not exposed them so it will only be the members photo…

edwin kevinsiong

Apparently, due to some incident happened few weeks before we went, paruru insisted on a barricade for her 2shot.

MATT ryoji


And there you go, I ended my 2shot event that fast while the matt, siong and Edwin carried on with the event. Ryoji, kevin and I proceeded to Pokemon center at landmark building and we happened to saw an on-going event. It was actually for the kids though. While waiting for the rest at macdonalds, I decided to try the Ton katsu burger!! And it was so awesome!! Ryoji was freezing at that moment. Useless Japanese… hahaha… just kidding.

IMG_5003 IMG_5005 IMG_5009  IMG_5011 IMG_5014 IMG_5016 (2) IMG_5019 IMG_5020 IMG_5021

Once the event ended, we met up with the rest and headed to a steak restaurant. I forgot the station name already. The steak was nice though and not expensive. Most probably I will come again when I am back in Japan.

IMG_5025 IMG_5026 IMG_5029 IMG_5033

Walked back to the station and back to apartment. As usual, Kevin and matt bought their regular supper while I did my laundry. Feel so nice to have a set of washed clothes every day when I am overseas.



3 responses to “Japan Trip 2015 Day 3 (5 May 2015) [AKB48 2shot Event]

  1. If I got to meet Haruka Kodama my eye balls would have melted, then my head would have exploded just like that guy in “Raiders of the Lost Ark”.
    : )

  2. Desuki,can explain how to be able to get the 2shot ticket and stuff or do a post,thanks. Btw,nice japan trips you have here. Especially the 2014 trip. Enjoyed reading it.

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