September 2015

Starting a monthly post with the photos i took for every month. Most probably every month with a small recap since some i may have already posted before in my blog.

Starting in September 2015.. My dear Friend eugene turned 25!! A mini celebration with the rest was held at Tian Tian Steamboat at Bugis. There is two outlets in Bugis and i preferred the one opposite Bugis Junction which is much more hygienic.

20150915083453 (4) 20150915083455 (3) IMG_7380 IMG_738320150915083457 (1) 20150915083457 (2) 20150915083457 (3)

At the following week, it was my very first time i was required to vote for Singapore General Election 2015 so i decided to attend the Hong Kah North SMC People Action Party (PAP) rally only. I spend my time listening to the speech and at that moment i knew which parties who should i vote for already. Voting is sacred and secret so i shall not share my final choice :D.

IMG_7400 IMG_7411

The haze in Singapore are getting from bad to worst. The highest we had in Singapore was around 300 PSI? I shall not complain as what i read over the news that the Haze in Indonesia PSI was 1500? 5 times more than us…. SCARY!!


Few days of my working life left in Callcenter and i decided to do what i can and keep as many memories as possible. Originally was supposed to celebrate my boss, josephine and revathi birthday but rev came late.. oh well at least she caught up to take a group photo together :D.

IMG_7460IMG_7468IMG_7464 IMG_7542

Took my last selfie in call center before i leave the office for the time being. Wasn’t feeling really nice since i had been working in this company for the past 2 years and a month.


Started my new temporary job at the new company as management support officer / senior admin executive. I really dislike wearing such office wear to work. So warm and so uncomfortable!!


Rushed in to Johor Bahru (JB) after my first day at work to buy mooncakes for the coming Mid-Autumn Festival. Reached Singapore checkpoint at around 730pm and reached JB checkpoint at 830pm. Bought the mooncakes i want from SDS group and Season Group. The snowskin mooncakes by SDS group are the best i had so far…


After i bought the mooncakes, my friend and i proceed to Dragon I Restaurant for our dinner. Had a super filling dinner. The food served were really nice and i will go back again as some of the dishes were sold out.

IMG_7587 IMG_7604 IMG_7605 IMG_7606 IMG_7608 IMG_7609 IMG_7610 IMG_7611 IMG_7613

Most exciting that i am finally meeting Kumar for the very first time at his standup comedy. The Haze cant stop me from meeting him. Met the duo to go to the show. We were honored to be able to enter as Kumar’s guest. How is that so right? Answer is…. Secret…. hahaha

IMG_7646 IMG_7655 IMG_7662 IMG_7666  IMG_7670 IMG_7673

Took a picture with Kumar… He is a very funny and humorous person on the stage but when he is not on the stage, he seemed quite a serious person when i had a conversation with him.

IMG_7680 IMG_7681

Before September end, i met up with the boys and we went to pub / bar hopping. I am not really a alcohol person so i drank cider or just ice water. It was fun knowing them and all the jokes about slut. haha…

IMG_7684 IMG_7685

September was quite busy and life changing month for me. I accepted new job offer and left my existing job. Met up with friends who we didn’t contacted for months and also managing both studies and work together.

I guess this is the journey for me and i will be prepared to face hardship with both studies and work happening together.

To my readers, i hope you guys enjoy a wonderful September like i do. Cheers!!


Any Comment????? Feel Free to Do so :D

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