Sakae Sushi $15 All You Eat Buffet Launched


After so many years, Sakae Sushi finally launched the Eat All you can Buffet instead of the normal high tea buffet. Apparently, this is only available in Selected Singapore outlets stated in the brochure and not the overseas outlet. The promotion is only valid on weekdays between 3pm to 6pm and valid till further notice.

Upon knowing such promotions, as a very typical Singaporean, i rushed down to one of the outlet to enjoy this promotion on the very first day. Surprisingly there wasn’t any long queue and i was served by the staff almost immediately to my table.

On my first visit, there was no restriction of the choices of food except for those 50% stated in the brochure. So i ordered all those items that i didn’t get to eat most of the time. Crowd started coming in after 30 minutes of me settling down. My experience on the very first day of promotion, the staffs were very busy and the food took their time to be on my table. However, due to this, i get to enjoy my food slowly!! But to other customers or public, it is considered slow and very inefficient. Before i start ranting on my view on some rude customers, i uploaded some photos i took. Yummy ~

IMG_6880 IMG_6882 IMG_6883 IMG_6884 IMG_6886 IMG_6887 IMG_6889 IMG_6890 IMG_6891 IMG_6892 IMG_6893 IMG_6894 IMG_6895 IMG_6896 IMG_6898 IMG_6899

On my second visit which was the fifth day since the buffet started (i am so typical oh gosh >.< ), the terms and conditions had changed. Instead of everything on the menu except those 50% stated on the brochure, Yakimono, Desserts and some premium makimono items were exempted from the buffet menu too. I actually quite like the Yaki Gyoza that they are serving, but oh well i can do without it 😀

This time round, there were more staffs and the food came out so fast and my table was full of food before i even finished my food. I took my time to finish everything and i was happy with the services provided by the outlet. Thumbs Up!!


On my third visit, there was an updated brochure with updated terms and conditions. Instead of 3pm to 6pm, it become a 90 minutes buffet. Oh well, if the food come on time, then 90 minutes are more than enough unless i want to sit down there and waste my time which i don’t. Oh well, i tried some items that i didn’t try for the previous two rounds. Of course i did not took photos of every single items i ordered.

IMG_7144 IMG_7145 IMG_7146 IMG_7147 IMG_7148

Overall, i had a great experience with Sakae Sushi outlet. Opps, did i forgot to mention the outlet i went to? It is the Frontier Community Center outlet situated in Jurong West. The Staffs were helpful and nice. No Complains!! haha

Put that aside, i saw lots of negative comments on this buffet. Sometime i really think that, we Singaporeans are having a very good life and are pampered too much. Even a minor mistake made by the service crew, they will make sure that Everyone on social media get to see their complains or they will write in a complain letter to the relevant company.

At times, such complains were very unnecessary and yet customers make a big fuss of it. Ever since i started working in the service line, i started to understand on how the service crew felt when they were insulted, blamed, flare at for any reason. It can be due to the customer queued for very long as the restaurant was full house at that moment, the customer can use such reason to scold the service crew just because he or she is impatient. Sometime, i really think to myself, why such unreasonable people exist? I guess there is if not the world is not balance? HAHA

Oh Well, we humans don’t exist to please every single individuals.


2 responses to “Sakae Sushi $15 All You Eat Buffet Launched

  1. Hi! The sakae sushi buffet when you say 90 minutes do you mean 90 minutes of eating or ordering? Thanks!

    • From the last experience i had with Sakae for the all you can eat buffet at Frontier community center,

      The buffet is split into two parts.. 3pm to 430pm and 430pm to 6pm. 90 mins of eating and ordering (you got the 1st 60 mins to order). The food was served quite fast actually.

      Take note that any food wastage will be chargeable. I saw some students were charged for not finishing all the food they ordered.

      Anyway, thanks for your comment and visit to my blog 😀

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