Japan Trip 2014 Day 6 (21 Dec 2014)

Decided to do just a post on Day 06 as i realized the previous two posts were too lengthy!! and there will be alot of photos taken in Day 07 too. So it will be better if i split the post into two, just in case there are any readers…. haha

On the 6th Day in Japan, it was considered a shopping day for us. I think it was meant for the girls and Eugene. I did not spend much on that day because nothing interest me. Oh well… We took our time and left the hotel for Harajuku. Visiting Meji Shrine this time round.

31 32 33 34

Seems like Autumn was over but the leaves were still there.. but it was on the ground =.=

35 36 37 01 02 4038 39  41 42 43 03 04 05

We were lucky to witness Traditional Japanese Wedding on that day. It was our first time witnessing such traditions. Surprisingly, more than one couple were getting married on that day. We also get to see that the couple will wear traditional japanese wedding costume and after that wearing the westernize wedding suit. Wao 😀

06 07 08

Bought a tablet for me to write my wishes on it. It was my first experiencing it too. Had so much fun!! WAO….

46 44 45  47 48 49 50 51

I wrote it in Chinese and the last part in Japanese. ermmm a mixture? haha..

My Wishes are: In the coming new year, i hope that my family and my partner are in good health and i want to graduate by the end of 2015!!! Ganbatte.. Something along the line… hahaha..

52 53

After heading back from the shrine, we proceed for our lunch. Hunting Ichiran Ramen for lunch!! and we managed to find it and there were long queue. In order to experience the well known ichiran ramen’s ramen, we decided to wait!

54 55 56 57

The ordering system is via the machine. Choose the different type of add on you want for the ramen. There is only one Ramen available! so dont be picky!! haha. You can also order extra noodle too. I ordered the ramen with extra egg and meat. 😀

09 10 11

Upon entering the shop, there were some omiyage for customers to buy back home too and there is a system showing the available seats in the restaurant. The staff showed us our seats when 4 lights were lighted.

58 59

Ichiran Ramen had a very unique dining experience. Upon sitting down, put the coupon near the table curtain, the staff will take it from you and serve the food at your situated desk. Fast and efficient service!


60 12 1316

And I started my selfies sprees while sitting down. haha

14 15  17 18 19

Had an awesome and delicious lunch. We proceeded to hunt for Jia Ling branded goods. Eugene bought her an Agnes B handbag. So expensive but jia ling love it so much!! and we headed to Takeshita Street where it looks like Bugis Street in Singapore. All the harajuku fashion sense typed of clothes come from there.

61 62

Nothing caught my attention except for this Long Queue Crepe stall. I bought applie pie flavor and i just love the crepe in japan!

64 63 20

After another long walk, we headed to Sweet Paradise for our dinner. It was not a planned restaurant. It just happened that we were all urgent to use the toilet and this restaurant was situated near the toilet area. The song was so tempting Eugene and me, so we suggested to the girls and that’s our dinner. Free Flow buffet…. haha….


65 21 22 23 24

Finished our dinner and headed towards Eugene and Jia ling favourite stall Burberry Black/Blue Label stall before heading to Shibuya… Without noticing it that, the sky already turned dark!!


We reached Shibuya around 8pm and we had to rush to get our stuffs. Jia ling and i had a small argument while i was browsing for my AKB CDs. Oh well, it was time for conflicts to happen… hahaha…

67 68 6925 26 27 28

As usual, Ching wen entered Tetsuya and she turned into Fan girl mode, asking me to take photo for her… Can’t help it though. Took one or two AKB related photo and left Shibuya.

70 71 72 29 30

Jia Ling managed to get the stuff that she wanted. So it was happy ending for her. We argued on our way back to Shinjuku and Ching Wen scolded both of us for being immature and not giving in to each other. We agreed and keep quiet.

73 74

Back at the hotel, when we were about to sleep, there was an incident happened. Not a bad incident though, it was some joke that happened when i joked about Ching Wen slept 1st before us. Jia ling and i laughed so much till eugene kicked out of the bed. Oh well, we both were back to normal. Peace!!

and that is the end of Day 06 of my japan trip 2014. Coming next will be Day 7 at Yokohama.

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  1. Great trip and photos. I wish I was you
    : )

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