Japan Trip 2014 Day 4 and 5 (19 and 20 Dec 2014)

In less than 15 days, i decided to publish this post to my blog!! Time to keep it alive!!

On the 4th Day of my Japan Trip 2014 with 3 of my friends Ching Wen (F), Jia Ling (F) and Eugene (M), we went to Tsukiji fish market, Tokyo Tower and also Odaiba!!!

Woke up super early around 4am, as jia ling wanted to visit Sushi Dai in Tsukiji Market. Heard that it is the most popular sushi stall in Tsukiji and the queue will be very long. It may TAKE you around ONE HOUR to get into the stall. Oh well…. Since i didn’t went to Tsukiji Market during the 2013 trip, i had to take my time looking at the train map to ensure that we were on the right track.

60 61 62 63 64 65 66

It wasn’t a long journey and we reached the market. Lots of fresh seafood on sales!!! Jia ling and Ching Wen were crazy over it… my goodness.. eugene and i never like the taste of raw seafood…. There were udon stall, beef rice stall and some onigiri stalls available for the customers that doesn’t consume raw food.

01 67 68 69 70   73

Spotted Ryu sushi on the way while we were on the way to Sushi Dai. Based on some food blog or travel blog, Ryu sushi was ranked 3rd in their list. Anyway, Sushi Dai is situated in the fish wet market so travelers might need to figure out yourself on the directions. All thanks to Jia Ling for asking the people around and we managed to know the directions to Sushi Dai. Brave woman!!


But then!! after all the effort, there was a very very long queue for it… Almost 70% of the crowd were tourists. The queue extended to the road side and Jia ling was disappointed after knowing that she might not get the chance to taste the best sushi stall in Tsukiji. Nevertheless, we decided to go for the 2nd best based on the food bloggers online, DAIWA SUSHI!! Frankly Speaking, Eugene and i were not a fan of Sashimi or raw seafood sushi but yet we tagged along.


We waited for about 30 minutes to get into the stall and the chef automatically deliver to us the sushi set. There is no menu but you can check with the chef on what you want. See below for the sushi set!! The girls were so happy and contented with the meal while for the guys.. nah…. Jia ling was not contented and ordered extra sashimi to fulfill her cravings!

03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11147

After the sushi breakfast, the chef greeted us and spoke to us in simple mandarin!! Awesome… Ching wen and i proceed to hunt for fresh wasabi to bring back to Singapore while for Jia ling, she continue looking for more sashimi and oysters..


We came across this shop selling torched seafood and it was very worth it. Such a huge portion for only 500 yen!

79 818280

Last stop before we head to Tokyo tower, it is time for some TAMAGOYAKI!! It was eugene and mine favourite in the morning trip!! maybe due to the fact that it was cooked? hahhaa


On the way back to the train station, I came across this paid public toilet. Usually in Singapore, there will be an attendant collecting the “entrance” fee but in Japan, it is all automated! You insert 100 yen and the toilet door will unlock for you to enter.

12 13

While on the train, ching wen and i spotted this advertisement about medicine and we decided to give it a try. Since all of us were down with flu, sore throat and cough. And miracle, it works! It does not caused drowsiness too.


Arrived at Akabanebashi station and proceed to explore tokyo tower. Upon exiting the train station, the tokyo tower will be just around the corner :D. Upon reaching the foot of the tower, there will be a slope up the hill. Phew…

87 88 14 15 16 17 18 93

and the moment jia ling spot the tokyo banana shop, she entered into shopping spree mode and grab any banana gift she liked…

89 90 91 92

After Tokyo tower, we walked towards hamamatsucho JR station to our next destination which was Odaiba. Alighted at Shimbashi JR station and board the yurikamome line to Odaiba.

94 95 96

Weeeee, upon reaching odaiba, i told them that we will be boarding the ferris wheel at palette town and jia ling freaked out! She scared of heights but too bad we had to board the ferris wheel!!

19 97 98 20 21

Had our lunch at First Kitchen. Not really considered a lunch but just a quick bite. Had the strawberry pancake!! i loved pancake & waffles!! :D. At the same time, took some AKB48 advertisement posters in the shop…

99 10023 24 101

There we go, boarding the ferris wheel. We chose to take the crystal cabin when the cabin will be transparent throughout!! How exciting!!

103 104 105

and despite we went japan during winter time, thanks to the glaring sunlight, all of us were sweating in the cabin!! Jia Ling blamed me for choosing the crystal cabin without any corner blocking the sunlight. [P.S. she is also afraid of sunlight >.<]

102 106 107

There is something we as a tourist MUST NOT MISS!! which is their UFO catcher!! So many different theme and rewards!! Just simply loved it! I got the chance to play the AKB Sailor Zombie game for the first time. My Review will be…. Just another shooting game with 4D effects…


108 109 25 26

AND YEA!!! I CAUGHT ZORO after 7 tries!! so it was around 700 yen.. so much worth it, compared to when you get it in Singapore and it cost around 50SGD. DAMN!

27 28

Proceeded to Venus Fort for some window shopping. Ching wen bought her DSLR camera cap at one of the store at only 500 yen. When we were walking around, they spotted a LEGO shop and decided to buy the NAME Keychain back to SG to their family and friends. I helped them translate their name into Japanese… I AM SO PROUD OF MYSELF!!


Around 5pm Japan time, announcement were made regarding there will be some winter snow experience at the main hall. We went and it was just soap bubbles falling from the ceiling… haha..

29113 114 115

and next we proceed to Diver city Tokyo where my dear friend ching wen was so excited to see her favourite artistes [Tohoshinki] exhibition. I am not a fan of Tohoshinki so i shall not post that much photo of the exhibition. Haha.

116 117 118 119127 128

Calbee PLUS stall!! i bought Royce choco potato chip and they fried the chip while i was waiting for it.

120 121 122 123 124

Another japan stall that we were not allowed to miss in Japan which is Gindako. It tasted so much better than what Gindako in Singapore offers… Yummy!!

125 126

And of course, i will never never forget AKB48 while helping Ching Wen taking photos with her idol exhibition. While Ching wen and i were busy taking photos with Tohoshinki exhibition, Eugene and Jia ling went ahead to find Burberry stuff..

129 130

In Diver City Tokyo, you cannot miss this huge gundum figure!! This Jia ling was betting with us, if the gundum hand move, she will treat coffee… and THE HAND DID NOT MOVE!!! Tsk!

131  133 134 135

After taking photos with the gundum, we proceed to take the monorail to telecom center to our last destination of the day, Oedo Onsen Monogatari. Jia Ling was making so much noise on must experience onsen when come to Japan.

136 137 138

At that period, the onsen was promoting kuroko no basuke season 3… and happened that both eugene and i were a fan of the series 😀

139 140 141  143 31 32

I shall do a small guide on what is happening in this onsen in case there is someone reading it.. 😀 So after we made the payment at the counter, a waterproof wrist band. It served as a pass for you to buy things in the theme park. We will also get a key to store our shoes or slippers in it. Socks are recommended to leave it in the locker together with the shoe.

*Just a gentle reminder, upon entering the building, remove the shoe before stepping onto the 2nd platform.

33 34

After which, we will proceed to choose the yukata design. There are very limited choices for the guys.. DAMN!

144 145

So after we had selected those choice of yukata we wanted, we will proceed to the respective gender changing room.


Apparently, in the changing room, everyone is undressing as if there is no one around. Very open. There will be another locker in the changing room. In the Changing room, there will be no doors or place to shelter you from changing in front of others. You can continue wearing your undergarments :D. Put everything into the locker including the shoe locker key. There will be a guide on how to put on the yukata. I messed up the very 1st time. Take only wrist band, the key to the changing room locker and your camera / phone (Optional).


And after around 10 to 15 minutes.. WE ARE DONE!!!

37 38 39 40 41

The surroundings gave me the feeling of those matsuri event. So crowded despite is on a weekday.

Opps, i forgot to mention that we went for the After 6pm pass. It will be much cheaper compared to the day pass.

148 149 1505156

After we were done exploring the place, we proceed to foot bath!


There will be extra clothings / jacket for you to wear when you were out. Maybe due to the weather was around 5 degree when i visited there.

154 43 44 45 151 152 153

Relaxed my feet after a day of walking!! took some random kuroko photo too haha.

46 47 52

Back to the theme park. We walked around to decide on our dinner!! So many different choices for us to choose from. Yummy…. The price of the food were kinda pricey…

48 49 50

Had our dinner sitting on the tatami mat….. so traditional japanese feel… weee…

155 54 55

After dinner, there should be dessert!! so i bought a super large takoyaki and crepe as my dessert!! I was enjoying life so much back then!!

57 58

After dessert, all of us entered the onsen except for eugene as he was not comfortable with the tradition. I told myself that i must experience it since i had paid for the entrance fee!! Must make the entrance fee worth!


We spend our time in the onsen for about 30 mins. I spend around 10 to 15 mins as i entered the onsen later than them. Anyway the onsen is seperated by gender! No mixed onsen present! I did not took any picture in there as i was supposed to deposit all my stuff in the locker in the changing room before entering the onsen…

It was my 1st experience of onsen and it is freaking scary!! It was my first time seeing so many naked man and i was not sure on the procedure to prepare for the onsen… but oh well… it was a nice experience!! will go again if i have the chance to…



We left the place around 11pm and had to rush for the last train back to shinjuku as the last shuttle bus to tokyo station had already stop operating at 1030pm.

We went back to the hotel and had a very nice sleep. Wasshoi!!

=============Day 05 (20 Dec 2014)=============

Day 05 started after our awesome sleep previous night. Day 05 was a very relaxing day. We visited Asakusa and also Akihabara.

Apparently, we took the wrong train and alighted at the wrong station. It supposed to be Ginza Line and alight at Asakusa station instead of Asakusabashi. It was my first time there! so cant blame me right?

2930 31

While walking down to Asakusa kaminari Mon, we spotted this Gyoza kingdom shop and decided to have our breakfast there. The owner and staff spoke to us in mandarin!! We were shocked and happy as we will be able to communicate better. Anyway, i forgot where is the shop already but the Gyoza served were very nice. Worth the money!

32 33 01 02 03 04

And finally we reached Kaminari mon… pheww…. look at the amount of people around!! so crowded with locals and tourists.

05 06 07 08 09 10 34

So much local delicacies for us to try.. YUMMY!! Especially the dango!

35 36 37 38 39

Upon reaching the temple, it started to rain. Everyone is praying in the temple and hope their wish came true.

40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47

Bought some health amulet home for family. Wishing everyone to have a good health 😀

4948 50 51 52 53

Before we leave Asakusa, we had our lunch at some random japanese restaurant. It wasn’t as nice as those i had previously.

54 55 56

After our lunch, we headed to Akihabara. The last stop for the day. Of course, it is to visit the AKB48 Cafe and upon alighting at the station, we saw there was a queue to take photo with Mario San!

57  11 12

Walked around Akihabara in the heavy rain. Rain did not stop since afternoon and i had to search the place for AKB48 cafe.

59 60

And i found it after about 20 minutes walk. Kinda forced them to go into the cafe with me to eat… Not really a nice experience this time round with the amount of pressure around me. haha.

61 62 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 25 26 27 28 21

Explored abit at Akihabara, bought my Kojima Haruna 2015 Calendar both desktop and wall scroll. Only to realise that there was exclusive photo provided if i bought those in the AKB48 shop and not Cafe shop. So sad to hear that.. but oh well.. i already bought those…. Went to some photo shop and grab those AKB photos that i had been looking for to prevent my friends from rushing me to shop the stuff.

22 23 24

Ended the day with a mask. It was so freaking cold after the heavy rain. Wind was very strong too… But of course, i managed to finish my shopping in Akihabara 😀

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