Japan Trip 2014 Day 1 (16 Dec 2014)

Things always happen for a reason and i went to Japan for the second time last year December with my friends… Enjoyable trip and didn’t spend much compared to my 1st trip.

My friends and i managed to get our air ticket from Cathay pacific airline for 659 dollars per person.

After my exams, i started to prepare for my japan trip. Kinda excited for the trip!! My friends and i took MRT to Changi Airport on the day of our flight.




After checked in, we rushed to the departure hall to board the plane!!




Alighted at hong kong about 5am in the morning. While waiting for the transit, we went to have our breakfast at Macdonalds. Awesome breakfast.



After a long day, we finally reached Japan – Narita airport.


Had to retrieve our baggage, bought the Suica / Pasmo card and last the airport transfer bus to our hotel.




Reached our destination, Shinjuku washington hotel. There was a delay in the travelling time due to the bad weather and the traffic jams in the expressway. The counter staff was kind and assist us on our late check in. The counter staff also pass us our wifi counter upon check in from.

We purchased our wifi router from Japan Wireless. The website is as follow: http://japan-wireless.com/


As a result, we didn’t proceed to Disney Sea as planned and had our dinner around Shinjuku. Went to Fuji Soba again!!


After dinner we had a mini tour around Shinjuku and bought our Hakone trip tickets too. We spend lots of time in the drug stall buying cosmetics and facial products. My friend spend almost 10,000 yen in that shop!! We were able to enjoy tax free after 5000 yen purchase as we are tourists and passport is required for verification.


As we decided to rest early, we bought few desserts as supper while on our way back to the hotel.



And we rest at around 11pm JST to prepare for our next tiring day at Disneyland!!


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