Japan Day 10 ~ 11 (28 & 29 Dec 2013)

Is been a while i paused all posts about my Japan trip in 2013. Gonna resume in and complete it.

Day 10 was a day of Tokyo Dome and ikebukurou.. Didn’t spend much time there though.



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The best part of the day, i guess it was the roller coaster??


Hello Tokyo Dome!!!!



Time for some Jyuuden sentai show!! We went in twice and didn’t get the chance to take photo with them… hais…. bad luck.

08 0509



It was a nice show to watch to be honest… haha…. all the old sentai poster!!


After the show we went to the jump shop!! cool….

1210 11

Is time for thunder dolphin roller coaster ride… My friend glen didn’t join us as he felt that his feets are meant to be on the ground… what a bad excuse =.=

15 16 17 18 19 20

The ride was so much fun!!! compared to those rides in Disney Sea… and it was time to call Tokyo Dome a day and we left for Ikebukurou next.

21 22

Ikebukurou can be considered as the female otaku street as compared to Akihabara!! is full of male idols anime and yaoi stuff…

23 24

Spot some toys collection and i found it interesting to share 😀

25 26 27

Went for a late dinner which was at Nabe Zou.. we walked pass and went it.. The food quality was nice and so is the atmosphere!!

28 29

After which we head back to hotel, to do our last minute packing before we head to the airport the next day..


Day 11 which was a day for us to head to the Airport and say good bye to Japan..


I was looking forward to head back to SG as i didn’t had much japanese yen on hand already… haha.. had to head back to SG to work…

Bought the limousine bus to Haneda Airport.. and before that we headed to Shinjuku to had our last Breakfast in Japan.

31    35 36

After breakfast, we rushed back to the hotel and brought along our luggage and board the limousine bus.


37 38

Reached the airport and headed to the shop that sell Tokyo Banana Giraffe pattern and Shiroi Koibito.

39 40 41

Board the cathay air plane.. I guess i was the only one that was happy to return back to SG.

42 43

And Bye Japan!!


This had concluded my Japan Trip 2013… Maybe i should blog about what i had bought from Japan in the Trip also…

My conclusion of the trip was, it was a very rushed trip. Didn’t get to enjoy much… and a very expensive trip!! hahaha…


Any Comment????? Feel Free to Do so :D

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