The end of 2014 and the beginning of 2015


Yesterday marked the last day of 2014. It had been a struggling and awesome year for me. Things happened and my life changed. Year 2014 can considered as the year that i made lots of decisions.

At the beginning of Year 2014, i was enrolled into Singapore Institution of Management to pursue my degree in management but i withdraw from the course after 2 days of lessons. I realised that the way of teaching doesn’t suit me and i withdraw from it. My parents supported my decision.

In feb, i enrolled myself into Murdoch University under Kaplan Singapore. I started my degree course over there and i believe that i made a right decision! and i managed to get myself out of a very suffering and stupid relationship.

In april, i made a decision to get myself back into a relationship. How interesting it is? but then i believed that the person is the right one for me. 😀

In May, my degree courses commenced. There was fear in me but i manage to overcome it after few weeks of adapting to university lifestyle.

In july, i made a very big decision which is to adopt a dog and add it into my family. I did it! and now i have a almost 2 years old Japanese Spitz at home. He is naughty at times but still lovable 😀

In September, i was shock when i received my exam results. I failed one of my modules and i had to take a supplementary paper for it. Thank goodness i passed my supplementary paper!!! Decided to go on a holiday trip end of the year with my fellow friends. Bought air tickets and also made hotel reservations.

Between October to December, lots of conflicts happened during completion of group assignment. Faced my very 1st mind block in doing Employment Relations individual assignment. [the result of doing last minute work and didn’t pay attention in class] Spend three weeks in revising for end of year exams. Hope i can pass my exams paper 🙂 Most importantly, celebrated my partner’s birthday.

In December, celebrated my birthday. Went to river safari for the 1st time 😀 cool. After exams, i was busy preparing for my Japan trip. Went to Japan from the 16th December till 25th December 2014. It was a very memorable trip with my 3 friends. Although there were fights, disagreements and conflicts, but we are still fine 😀

One of the most important event for me in December which was, i managed to go to AKB48 38th Single [Kibouteki Refrain] Theatre individual handshake Event in Tokyo!! Managed to see Kojima Haruna, Owada Nana, Minegishi Minami, Takahashi Minami and Ogasawara Mayu in person!! omg… My dream came true by meeting my favourite member in AKB48, KOJIMA HARUNA!! She is truly a beauty!!! I had already applied for the 2shot event in May with her, hope that i had the time and chance to fufill this wish!!

Last but not least HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

My resolution for Year 2015

  1. Pass all my exams and graduate smoothly
  2. Attending AKB48 2shot event in May at Yokohama
  3. Go on a holiday with my partner
  4. Cut down on my weight
  5. Save money
  6. Go on a graduation trip (hopefully japan again, maybe osaka)
  7. My skin become better

Any Comment????? Feel Free to Do so :D

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