Moving On….

It has been 2 Years 6 Months 4 Days since that day.  Mixed Emotions and Feelings going round and round. Found it irritating and confusing. So what i really want and looking forward to? I kept having the mindset that i will be able to get back with the one i still cant forget but it seems like I am the only one still living in denial.

Life has to go on. I was told that, Humans are able to move on if they want to. Is that really true? if that’s the case, why would i want to live in such miserable state everyday? I sick of tears and having lots of negative emotions. I want to move on. I told myself since that day, i want to forget and move on, but what is happening to me all these while? Cant forget, Cant feel any better. It sucks!

Yesterday, i had a conversation with my previous partner… and i realise that i am the only one still hoping for stuff while on the other hand, another party already had ppl in mind to go after already. How sucks is it. People already moving on to the next phase and i am still stuck on the same spot since 2 years  6 months and 4 days ago.

After much clarifications and thinking through for the whole night, crying and hoping will not exist in my dictionary anymore. I need to be strong and move on. I already have someone waiting for me and concern abt me everyday, i dont see any reason why i still want to stay at the same spot and not moving.

That’s it. That history of mine, 10 October 2008 till 10 October 2011 will end today. A new start is something i will look forward to. 11 April 2014.. That’s the day…


Any Comment????? Feel Free to Do so :D

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