Japan Trip Day 04 (22 Dec 2013)

Day 4 in Japan. Seem short and it doesn’t seem long too. Most of the time in japan, we woke up early to travel so as not to miss any trains or events although we will still delay the timing.

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On this day, we woke up and glen was so engrossed watching his super sentai and kamen rider show. No matter how i drag him out of the room, he just wont move. Finally the show ended. We left the hotel and proceed to Chiba.


1st We took to the JR Train to JR Nishi Funabashi station then change train towards JR Kaihimmakuhari Station. Manage to see Mt Fuji from Far.

0102 03 04

06 07


The place we were going, Aeon Mall. There is a bus outside just to go Aeon Mall only. Bus Ride cost about 150 yen.


Reached Aeon Mall, and proceed to the Toei Hero World.

08 09

Apparently. there will be a special event at a certain timing. Maybe a special appearance?

10 11 12


13 14 15

At the entrance of the exhibition, there were two figure. One is the latest sentai series character and the very 1st sentai series character.

16 17 18  20

Lots of sentai and mask riders character were present. But since i am not interested in kamen rider, so i just stick to sentai photos. I did not upload most of the sentai photos so i just upload a few for view only 🙂


22 2423  25 26 1507071_10151955590948702_774256578_n27 28 29  31 32 33

Remember i did mentioned there was a special appearance!! and it seem like it was a phototaking session with the kyoryuger!! lucky.


Bought a souvenir with my name in katakana printed on it!! Kyoryublue!!

35 36

As we

37 38 39 40 41 30

We left Aeon Mall and proceed back to Train Station as it was getting late. As we head back, we had our late lunch at this Yaki Gyu don shop. The Taste is awesome!! cant forget the taste.

42 43

After which we proceeded the arcade nearby and we saw this pachinko machine!! AKB48!!!

44 45 46

While the rest were busy playing the pachinko, i saw Sonic Cosplay and took a picture with it.


Left  Chiba and went to JR Akihabara Station. The place for anime, idols, maid cafe and electronics.


Went to AKB48 Cafe & Shop. Time for Dinner!!! The place i wanted to visit for so long!!!

49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56

When we went, it was around the christmas period. So we ordered the christmas set instead.

57 58 59 60 61

Got two AKB48 Coaster from ordering the christmas Set.

62 63 64 65

Went to the back of the cafe, there is this whole gallery of members’ profile photos.

66 67 68 78

Yay took photos infront of the AKB48 Shop & Cafe!! A Day to remember 🙂

69 70

Saw Nana Display almost everywhere too 🙂


Went to the AKB Building where the AKB48 Theatre located at.

72 73

Went back to the hotel and unpack what i bought for the day 🙂

75 76 77

Hence, therefore Day 04 ended.


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