2 Degree Ice Art Exhibition at MBS

I shall put aside the posts of my japan trip 2013 first and blog about the stuff i went recently. Last Tuesday which is on the 4th march 2014, i went to work as usual, submitted my school assignment after work and met my bestis phyllis at Plaza Singapura. We went to have a quick dinner at Manhattan Fish Market as we were rushing for the exhibition at Marina Bay Sands.

01 02 03 04

Follow by which, we took circle line from Dhoby Ghaut Station to Promenade station and change to downtown line towards Bayfront MRT. During our journey, as usual, phyllis was using her iphone to take photos. Then she will start saying “chio hor??” which means am i beautiful in english and i will give her my usual expression which is LOL.

05 06

We reached our destination!!!! The exhibition open from 10am to 10pm daily. If i remember correctly, this exhibition will still be around till May. Check out the official website for more information.

2 Degree Ice Art Official Website




Ticket Price is as stated :

Child / Senior Citizen – $26 and Adult – $32. Additional $5 top up for rental of the jacket. We bought the tickets at $20 each since we are both students. Student price is $20 only applicable on weekdays. Gloves will be given to you for free.

11 12

Look at the amount of colour jacket u can choose from. Initially i wanted red!! but then since the staff already chose blue for me, i shall not waste the staff effort and wore the blue jacket.


Entrance to the 2 Degree Ice Art Exhibition!!

13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25

Frankly speaking, the venue is kinda small, but since i paid $25 dollars, i shall not complain that much. I can take the chance to enjoy the exhibitions and cold temperature! Is not that cold though, although my hands are freezing. Other than that, everything is fine 🙂

Took a few photos of the exhibitions, not just selfie all the way.. hahaha

26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33

woohoo snow ball/ice ball!! I cant seem to make one so i asked phyllis for help and she did it.. OH GAWD!!!

34 35 36 37  39 40 41

43 44

Time for a slide. There are 3 slides available, left, right and center. Center slide is the only slide require a so call float for you to slide down. I swear the floor is super slippery and i injured myself while trying to walking up the slope instead of using the stairs. Super painful!!!


45 46

Spend so much time playing again and again. Took videos too, but i am so lazy to upload the video -.- ok back to photos of the exhibitions and selfie.

47 48 49 50  52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61

The last part of the exhibition before you exit, is the dinosaur ice sculptures. My favourite section of all since it is dinosaurs. haha

62 63 64 65 66


That’s the end of the exhibition!! Didn’t went to the bar as the happy hour was already over and the price is something you can expect from tourist location.

It was quite an enjoyable experience. To be frank, if phyllis never asked me to go, i don’t think i will spend money to go such places. but then no regret!!


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