Japan Trip Day 03 (21 Dec 2013)

Day 03 of my japan trip in december. This day is one of the most anticipated day and a disappointed day for 3 of us. I shall explain why later on.

Here are the links for the post i blogged for the trip :

  1. Day 01 (19 Dec 2013)
  2. Day 02 (20 Dec 2013)

Wake up super early to get ourselves prepared for our AKB48 Handshake event at yokohama stadium.


Bought train to JR yokohama and change to JR Kannai. Alight at JR Kannai station to reach Yokohama Stadium.

01 02

The amount we alighted, lots of fans were standing outside the station trading / selling of handshake tickets. Some even started selling their members photosets collection. and here we are Yokohama Stadium!!

03 04 05 06

My handshake ticket!!! but only one can be used!! zzz…


Get the queue number and brochure for the handshake event. Lots of people already at the front waiting to see their favourite member.

08 09 10 11

12 13

The event started with Kobayashi Marina san doing a speech about the rules and regulations for the day. Seem like no photo or video taking is allowed 😦 My 1st experience 😦


The event started with few AKB48 Song hits. Like Iiwake Maybe, Koi suru fortune cookie, First Rabbit and a few stage songs. and Our new 15th generation KKS also performed their song.

img20131220_AKB5th_03-500x332 img20131220_AKB5th_04-500x332 img20131220_AKB5th_05-500x332

There is also a small skit on each members. I remember shimda haruka as giant from doraemon. Nakamura Mariko and Umeda Ayaka sang heavy rotation but with a funny short skit!!

After which before they started their handshake event, 2 announcements were made. 1st one will be AKB Nemosu New Season Start!!! and the most anticipated one will be AKB48 New Album Title, Track List and Cover Release. The member’s photo for each track list was also shown on the screen.


Photos credited to : http://tokyogirlsupdate.com/akb-5th-album-tsugi-no-ashiato-20131215226.html for the above 4 photos.

As i stated above. Why we are kinda disappointed for the handshake event is because we though we were able to see our favourite member that day, kojima haruna, takahashi minami and kashiwagi yuki but they were not present that day!!! since we were already there, we went to queue for oshima yuko instead.

61 5162 63

While waiting for our turn, we went to the AKB48 Event shop just at the 1st floor of the stadium.

15 16 17 18 19 20

Unfortunately, photo taking was not allowed in the shop 😦


21 22

Look at the queue!!! we reached the event at about 11 plus and is already 530pm when we finished our handshake with the members. We went for Section A Block 1 – Oshima Yuko and Section Block 2 – Wakana Natori, Kojima Natsuki and Takeuchi Miyu.



Look at the amount of people outside the stadium trading / selling photos amound of the fans. Some even carry large baggages with lots of photos inside.




Walk around while looking for dinner.

28 29 30 31 32

Saw two products with kojima haurna photo on it and i took photo of it.

33 34

Takoyaki!!!! Although they have the same outlet in Singapore. but the taste it just so much better compared to the one in Singapore.

36 37

3538 39

Bought a pokemon 2014 calendar at Macdonalds for only 350 yen!!


Next, we saw tsutaya. The moment i step into it, i saw nyan big board!! the 1st thing i did was take picture!!!

41 42 43 44 45

Walk around the street in yokohama.


Acchan Spotted!!


Went back to hotel. Both of my friends left the hotel for supper and their night activity while i arranged the room for an early night 🙂 Here is a view of the room i stayed in.

48 49 50

Goodies for the day!!

52 53 54 55 56  58 59

That’s conclude day 3 of my japan trip. I guess by the time i slept, they were not back yet.. -.-

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