Chinese New Year 2014


After lots of celebration this year.. Chinese New Year is Over.. Had been busy working and eating like nobody business.. Spending on food again and again!! must cut down on my food intake already! I shall summarise every thing 🙂

Way before Chinese New Year Eve [26 Jan 2014]

Had a mini “celebration” of Chinese New Year at Office with Hei Sushi Yu Sheng. Is kinda Nice Though 🙂


That’s my 1st yusheng of the year 🙂

Chinese New Year Eve [30 Jan 2014]

Went to work and was a very busy day. Company provided us staff with lunch and red packet 🙂



Knocked off at around 640pm and rush down to CSC Bukit Batok to have my reunion dinner with my family. The food served was nice but not the yusheng. My 2nd Yusheng for the year. For some reasons, my aunt and uncle family were not satisfied with the food when my family found it quite nice.


Just nice my friend Jia Ling, was having her reunion dinner at same restaurant.

Chinese New Year Day 01 [31 Jan 2014]

Wore new clothes to my grandma house.


Before that i went to picked up a Money Wealth Yu Sheng from Sakae Sushi. My 3rd Yusheng for the year.


Did lou hei at my grandma house and took a few family photos.


After that we went to Malaysia to visit my mother’s side relative!! Everyone was so busy with taking photos of “the outfit for the day”.

08 09

And of course family photos which we didn’t took it for very long already.

1011 12 13 14 15 16 17

Chinese New Year Day 02 [01 Feb 2014]

Another ordinary day. My family, cousins and i went to Aeon Mall Tebrau City for lunch. We had Nandos. Is my 1st time eating in that restaurant as the price in singapore is super expensive.


After lunch, my cousins and i went to city square to catch a movie “Robocop”. The movie was so boring that both my brother and i actually fall asleep in the cinema!!!


zzzzz… after that we bought Yusheng from Sakae Sushi Malaysia back to my cousin house.



The yusheng wasn’t as nice as the one they served in Singapore.  My 4th Yusheng for the year. As usual, chinese new year gambling!!! haha

52  51

Chinese New Year Day 03 [02 Feb 2014]

Left Malaysia and return back to singapore. My family, relatives and i went to my aunt house for visiting.


Had another yusheng from Sakae sushi.

22 23 24

Everyone were having fun doing the lou hei thingy till the whole table is full of vegetables!! My 5th Yusheng for the year. Took another family photo at my aunt hse before ending the day 🙂


Chinese New Year Day 04 [03 Feb 2014]

I calculated all my red packet money, and used the money + my savings to buy iphone 5s from Singtel Store.


Manage to get my last Iphone 5s from the  causeway point outlet. The Staff told me that i was so lucky to grab the last Iphone 5s Gold 16 GB in Singapore.. WOOHOO…


Had my lunch with my family at Empire State. For some unknown reason, the service for that day is kinda lousy but who cares!! hahaha..

Chinese New Year Day 05 to Day 06 (Back to work!!) [04 Feb to 05 Feb 2014]

Chinese New Year Day 07 [06 Feb 2014]

Went back to Camp and visit my superiors and my juniors. Kinda miss the place as i spend most of my NS time in that building and it’s still bring back good memories with my friends and superiors. How well we NSF are treated 🙂 Bought one sushi platter for them but when i reached, it was already 515pm. I was shocked when my mdm presented me red packet even though i was already an ORD-ed personnel.


Thank you so much.

Chinese New Year Day 08 [07 Feb 2014]

Another day at work, but there was a mini event at my company. There were lots of awesome food.


There was scallop, salmon and onden. awesome!!! hahaha

Chinese New Year Day 09 [08 Feb 2014]

Went to West mall to watch Ifrankenstein with my two dear friends, candy and ching wen. What a nice movie. So much better compared to Robocop. After that we met up with isabel and proceed to my hse. Two of my friends,veron and ee kiat came along too.


My mum and my brother invited their friends over too. Lots of food were served. As usual, chinese new year routine is to play poker cards!! haha. I lose big time!!


At night, i decided to end my relationship with a whatsapp message. I know there is no sincerity but i don’t think i will like to drag it any longer. Is time for me to end it with how i really feel about the relationship. Is been weeks since i waiting for the correct time to say it. I know it is harsh but is time to end the suffering that both parties have. My partner at that period of time agreed to the seperation. From that moment onwards, i am officially single but not available. I am not ready for another relationship, i will like to concentrate on my life and studies.

Chinese New Year Day 10 [09 Feb 2014]

My relatives came out to singapore from malaysia and we went to my cousin’s house for steamboat lunch.


My cousin ask me to order two Longevity Yusheng from Sakae Sushi and we did the lou hei again!! My 6th Yusheng for the year.

33 34 35

Went to Kbox CCK at night with Ching Wen. For some reason, i got the feel to sing properly that day!! and i DID!! YESH!!


Chinese New Year Day 11 [10 Feb 2014]

Went back to camp to teach my understudy junior stuff due to not enough manpower. Bought Mr Bean pancakes for them. After that went to woodlands to collect Shabu Shabu meat and Mussels for steamboat the next day. After that, i went to west mall to purchase Final Fantasy 13 Lighting Return. Another present for myself 🙂


Chinese New Year Day 12 [11 Feb 2014]

Was kinda sick for that day but i still went to agnes house with ching wen to prepare for our “reunion” steamboat dinner. Three of us went to CCK Lot 1 NTUC to purchase food and drinks for the steamboat. We also bought 1 Money Wealth Yusheng from Sakae Sushi Lot 1. After that, we went back to Agnes house to get ready for the steamboat.


Everyone reached at about 7pm. We start our lou hei at 7pm. HUAT ARH!! My 7th Yusheng for the year.

38 39

We spend 132.80 and cant even finish all the food.

Chinese New Year Day 13 [12 Feb 2014]

Went out with my dear friend phyllis to bugis. Accompany her to buy her Ah Lian shoe. Then proceed to Bugis+ and had aston for dinner. Ordered my favourite lemon lime chicken together with side dishes onion rings and mac & cheese. SWEET!!


After that we went to Bugis junction for a mini shopping and proceed to Virtual Land in Bugis Junction. Long time didn’t play Dance Evo Arcade already… Body too stiffed..

Chinese New Year Day 14 [13 Feb 2014]

Invited by my friends Eugene and Jia Ling, both candy and i went to their Marina Bay Sands Hotel Room.


Candy and i went to suntec and had astons takeaway. Went to MBS. Seriously, this is my 1st time stepping into the hotel room.


4 of us had our dinner and did our usual chinese new year activity which is gamble.


Candy won most of our money tsk.. I was offered to stay. That was also my 1st stay at MBS!! Love it!!!


Chinese New Year Day 15 / Last Day / Valentine Day [14 Feb 2014]

Early woke up in the morning, went to work from MBS. So thankful to both Eugene and Jia Ling for the offer.


The distance from MBS to work, is like only 15 mins. 46

At the end of the day, I ordered a success yusheng from Sakae Sushi and went down to West Mall to collect my food.

photo 1

Purchase it with my last staff voucher. Had my 8th and last yusheng for the year with my family..

47photo 2

Valentine day spend with my family.. haha… Awesome…

That’s conclude my 15 days of Chinese New Year.


Any Comment????? Feel Free to Do so :D

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