Adventure Cove @ RWS

Spend a day at Adventure Cove @ Resort World Singapore with my 3 good friends. Can say we know each other 9 years?? haha. Wake up early in the morning, put on contacts as i do not wish to miss anything at the place. Wake up at 745am and reached vivocity habour front at 930pm. Had our breakfast at macdonalds and proceed to Sentosa.


What a great view in the morning!!! We seriously hoped there will be no rain till we left the place. If not our day will be so wasted.


Discounted Peak Season ticket purchased at hometeam ns clubhouse with the Home Team NS Member card at only 20 SGD.


Finally We reached adventure cove. Took a group photo with the help of the friendly staff.  The sunlight was freaking bright!!! but i like it!! hahaha


After changing, We proceed to our 1st station which is the Ray bay. Without realising, we need to pay 38 SGD on top of our entrance fee to be able to interact with the marine life in the “pool”. (Frankly speaking, i was feeling damn uneasy without putting any clothes on, but then almost all the guys wasn’t wearing any shirts, lets just take off the clothes then!! haha)


After realising we are required to pay a 38 SGD additional fee for Ray Bay and 168 SGD for the dolphine lagoon, we proceed to the “lazy river”. How i wish i can just flow away with the help of the current of the water.. -.-


Next is the Blu Water Bay. Blu water Bay consist of the so call “wave pool” and 3 “thrilling rides”.

08  58


Snorkeling time!!! Is my 1st time trying such stuff. It was beautiful but the water is damn salty. Blame it on myself that i never listen to instructions properly before heading down the water -.- But the scenery is awesome!!

1112 59131415

Back to Lazy river. Didn’t expect to see a so call mini “underwater world” at lazy river.


Guys let’s say cheese and twist!!!! Thanks to the friendly staffs!!


Time to head back to our lockers to get our camera battery changed. Running on low batt!!  Was playing around with the camera while changing the camera.


And my dear friend Ms Jia ling decided to abandon us due to the hot sun!!! What a vampire living in singapore!


Carry on with our lazy river experience. Actually after the “mini underwater world” . There is this area for visitors that cant afford the Ray Bay Experience to get a view on what’s inside the “pool”.

29 23 313233343536

Next is this whirlpool / spiral rides. Wasn’t really exciting… kinda boring!! Didn’t expect much from this though.


When we are kids, we always proceed to the playground in the water theme park. and yea!! Of course we cant forget that experience and proceed to fool around at the playground.


Snorkeling for the 2nd and 3rd time. This time only 2 out of 3 enter the pool. I did some video footage while snorkeling. Haven really got the time to watch and edit it. But once i got the chance, i will try to upload for the readers to view the scenery in the pool.



After all the experiences we decided to head back to find our Ms Vampire friend.


Happily sleeping under the shades.


A Day at Adventure Cove had ended. So tiring!!!


Proceed on to Telok Blangah to meet our 2 friends to have our laksa steamboat for dinner. and our dear Ms Sick (CW) left us. Not a bad experience but the food cost wise, is kinda expensive. But the soup base is delicious. Spent abt 25 SGD per person. BTW is an ala cart steamboat, not buffet style.


After dinner, proceed to holland village due to our Ms Vampire insist on having an experience at Craft Bakery Cafe.

53 69   7167 68 65 7073


The waffles taste kinda normal. But i like the lime lemongrass drink. Very refreshing. The rest is just normal. Spend 11.60 SGD per person. Is it worth it?? I dont know, but if for experience and ambience, i will say not bad.

After a whole day outside, finally can go home!!! what a tiring day and gonna work the next day!!! so not enough time to sleep -.-

Any Comment????? Feel Free to Do so :D

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