I see…..

The way i expect in life, is an easy and not complicated life.  Can say happy go lucky type.  Most of the time i will just follow the crowd and doesn’t make decisions for myself and caused situation to got worst. I always though that by just following is much better than i made some decision and cause unhappiness.

But seem like these actions of mine are not able to be tolerated by people around me. They voiced out that i should make a stand but what stand should i make? disagree on everything i dont like? or just smile and pretend nothing has happened. My facial expression gave myself away without me realising it.

One of my friend told me this, if you ever want to blame others, looked yourself at the mirror 1st before commenting on anything. In the past i dont give a damn to it like why do i need to look at the mirror before commenting??

I getting more and more tired with stuffs that i don’t even give a damn in the past. Yes Improvement and changes are required in life. But is that necessary for every single individuals? I guess is a yes, if not my friends wont be having issues with me.

I guess i am too used to saying ok lo, orh, huh, what talking you, wah lao, sai, kns. People think that i am not serious and i dont respect them with such replies. In my point of view is i prefer simple and short but then i didn’t consider how others view on such replies. Whether i should change the way i communicate?? i not sure. but some time down the road, i need to give myself an answer to this question.



Any Comment????? Feel Free to Do so :D

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