Taiwan Trip Day 2

Day two of my Taiwan Trip.. Can say it wrap up not really nice.. in a way that i am not happy.. but whatever..

Had breakfast at hotel before leaving to other places.. I love the sweet potato… is really sweet.


Bought Train ticket to Jiu Fen.

IMG_6734 IMG_6740 IMG_6750 IMG_6779

Reached Rui Fang and board some bus up to Jiu Fen… Is like really up on the hill

IMG_6793 IMG_6794

Raining cats and dogs.. Umbrella is like everywhere and somehow become an obstacles. Cant even walk properly.


FOOD!!! At Jiu Fen is like food everywhere… like thair takoyaki, peanut ice cream, saussages, dessert etc.. My friend even ate some snail type of food..  -.-

IMG_6796  IMG_6833 IMG_6799 IMG_6800IMG_6803  IMG_6806IMG_6807IMG_6810 IMG_6805

The scenery right up the hill was not bad.. It was quite cooling too.



There this very ancient cineplex in there.. We get to watch free old movies in this theatre. Manage to stay there for a while before we left jiu fen.


We Bought the sun cakes , pineapple tart etc from this bakery below in this picture.. the food is really good in quality!!


Bought another ticket to go to shi fen. most ppl go there for the sky lantern. Writing all their wishes on it.. But for me, since i got nothing to write, might as well dont write..


I helping my friend release her lantern up into the air. Not bad!!


The Day ended with a sky lantern up in the sky with such a nice scenery.

Took train back and rest well at hotel.. Took our time to bath.. hahaha


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