Message to him

Hi my dear friend,

i noe u wont be reading this but whatever i gonna type this out anyway. After i saw ur post on fb, my reaction is like WTH.. what happen to you till it make u type something like that. I immediatly talk to u and realise what had happened.

I don’t noe how to help u but i noe how to give words of encouragement. Is true that when friends forgotten abt ur existance is very hurting. But that doesn’t mean that they really forget abt you. U may wan to inform them that u got no smartphone dats why they need to inform u manually through sms. You may wan to sit down and talk to them regarding this matter, if they feel bad abt this, they will apologize to you de.

Regarding u think that u are a spare tyre. Of course u are not.. u dun noe how important u are as a good friend to me not… for others i dun noe lah… to me,ever since  i noe you, u taught me lots of stuff.. and how to overcome stuff.. treat ppl good eventually ppl will treat u good back.. dats what u taught me. and some other stuff lah.. too long for me to list out… i will always rmb u this good friend of mine…

I believe that u can overcome this obstacles of urs dat u are currently facing now… i believe u can do it de!! JIA YOU!!!



Any Comment????? Feel Free to Do so :D

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