1st Gift

Woohoo.. time flies.. is already the 23rd of jan.. is really been a busy month to start with.. hope my life will be abit better next month when my understudy come to assist with my stuff..

Received the 1st gift of the year which make me damn happy which is AKB48 Studio Recordings A5 Reiai kinshi jourei Album. Is kinda a re release but i got my kojiharu full set.. which include the exclusive signature file and the regular photo in the album… manage to trade the kasai photo with kiah hao for kojiharu photo to make it a full set.. haha


life recently have been tough and boring at the same time. There are times i wonder why i get so worked up so easily when my friend just say something abit not so reasonable. Maybe is when i am facing too much stress, i will start having mood swing. maybe? sat is the only day when i can do the things i like which is to study japanese with my friends. My level not that high up yet but will defintely improve myself to a higher level.

for some strange reason, my heart is so ……..



Any Comment????? Feel Free to Do so :D

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