i though….

is been so damn long i started thinking about relationship till recently i start to think about what will happen to me in the future..

i met jon on wednesday, accompany him to go to beach road and get some stuff.. had lunch at swensens nex and i actually left a very feedback and wished the management give me a call regarding that. The staffs were not helpful at all and they are rude at times. what kind of service is this. i asked for spoon, they took damn long to pass it to me. Is not they are not enough manpower or something. They passed it to other tables but not mine. I was required to ask for spoon twice and my ice water to be served for more then 4 times. I was damn pissed off with the service and wrote a very long feedback and dropped into the feedback box.

We went to vivocity inorder to catch a movie but then there is no more seats left so we proceeded to seah im food center to have the fried carrot cake. in the last it was like only 1.50SGD but now is like 2SGD with like 1.50SGD portion. but yea nevermind, we started talking abt the future. yea indeed after this year, next year which is in few days time, will be very different for all of us.

1st . I completed my national service in august. And waiting for school to start and in the mean time look for part time job.

2nd. after army, everything is like different, i am required to plan what i want in life and move with the goal in mind is not like last time that i just followed the singapore education system.

and etc of course. And ya, from what i see, is like i already seldom meet up with my dear friends who are attached. and some are like busy working and involved with so many programmes. There are times i wonder will the friendship just drifted away like that or is just part of our growing process?

Yea, after talking about friends getting attached, i realise that, in few years times, most of my friends will be attached while i am still single still looking for my own future. and my life will be the same routine everyday. Wake up, work, home, rest, sleep. is like gonna be the same almost everyday other den non working day. All of my friends will have their love life and family etc. Not like me, a single person kinda lonely -.- They wont have time for you anymore. Meet up will be like lesser and lesser. And soon maybe 3 times a year thats what i actually expect it to be -.-

And today, i woke up from a horrible nightmare. I dreamt of my ex is attached to an indian lady name samantha. so ya… what a horrible dream.. i still cant imagine different races relationship. i am not racist or something, it is just my own preferences. And after i woke up, i realised that the feelings i had for my ex that i put it away for quite some time, it actually all came back to me. My mood feel so down. and the 1st thing i do is, i force myself to fall asleep and i just cant fell asleep. WTH.. seriously, after that i have been like drowning myself into tales of the abyss game till now.. finally i get away with that feeling.. seriously..


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