Answers to Questions

Yesterday i went to went to watch Hobbit with my dear friends.. Bel, Veron and Ching Wen. Ee kiat joined us after that for dinner at waraku japanese cafe at marina square 🙂

Wasn’t really a bad day… i had my hotate mentai omu rice with cream sauce set.. awesome… seriously that day was my 1st time having clam chowder… haha..

After the dinner.. we actually slacked in the cafe awhile.. and my friends bombed me with all sort of questions.. Come let me answer the question truthfully.. Nothing but the truth..

Veron : Do you have anyone in mind now who i have feelings with?
My Answer : Yes and No at the same time.. I am still not certain on that feeling yet as i myself personally doesn’t feel that the particular feeling is very strong enough to develop into a “love” kind of feeling…

Bel : So currently am i available to anyone?
My Answer : Single But not Available.

Veron : Not available means you got someone you like already lah? if not why not available?
My Answer : Because i do not want to get into any relationship for the time being or anymore. Is very tiring. Maybe is for me bah. I somehow give up on relationship and decided to move on with my life. If i am lucky maybe i will start to open up to the lucky one? Who is the lucky one? i myself don’t know. I do not want to start a relationship with anyone because i do not want to get the other party get hurt because i am very uncertain of the feelings i have right now.

Cw/Bel/Veron/Ee kiat : So what’s my type of partner i preferred?
My Answer : Same Age, Around the same height, preferred chinese speaking, education level doesn’t matter to me, looks wise i find nice can already. Nothing much. Oh ya best is to have the same interest as me. so that i can talk non stop 🙂

Hope all these clarify!!! HAHA

One thing i want to add on is that, currently my feelings is more like 70% and 30%. I don’t want to add on to this as is kinda personal stuff. I admit i am not perfect but for now, no matter what happened, my goal for now is to complete NS liability and move on to UNI life. Find a job in government sector if possible. If i have sufficient capital, i will like to go take up driving licence and get a secondhand car when the COE is lower. If i am lucky at that moment and i have a partner i love, i will drive my partner everywhere 🙂 To and Fro work 🙂

I lost hope in relationship already.


One response to “Answers to Questions

  1. Don’t lose hope in relationship~ There’ll aways be someone out there waiting for you~ that’s what i always believe in. Stay Strong!!

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