My 22nd Birthday

Happy Birthday to myself!!!!

well… is actually a belated to wish myself happy birthday when my birthday falls on the 9th of dec..

Actually had a blast with all my friends around and this year abit special because i celebrate with my collegue and superiors too 🙂

On 6th of Dec. My whole office went to bukit panjang plaza for lunch at swensens. My boss came down from mindef too. I ordered one salmon baked rice. Didn’t really like it as the rice inside is kinda hard and dry. Shouldn’t be baked rice had the cheese in the rice itself? argh… but had the lunch promo which include one complimentary sundae 🙂 i actually ordered banana split. yea i know is kinda common but i just like it 😛 After lunch, we walk around bukit panjang plaza for awhile and i accidentally saw my mdm gave wei shen some money. so the 1st thing that came to my mind is… wei shen will try to sneak away and buy cake for me.. i tried to stop him from sneaking away but in the end mdm say let him go -.- kinda lame =.= but end up is a black forest cake. Personally i do not like black forest cake or chocolate cake. but then since is the effort of them buying the cake for me, i actually appreciate the cake 🙂


HAHHA Thank you Mdm Irene, Wei shen, Sean and Edmund.

At night, i met up with my dear secondary friends. although only 5 turned up for dinner. But the dinner WAS AWESOME!!! no complains!!! we saw vivian when we are on the way to my house. and at that moment i actually spotted cw was holding onto the cake -.- no surprise agn!!! argh!!!



A present of $105 red packet was given by them.. appreciated alot. Thank you Eugene, Ching Wen, Jia Ling, Veron, Candy and Vivian. And of course Bel even though she never attend my celebration 🙂


On the 7th of Dec. I met up with my poly clique at Orchard Central Lao Bei Jing. Had a wonderful buffet dinner with them 🙂 I don’t know is it i too sharp in noticing thing or just coincidence? i spotted my bday card when i was eating and they were hiding one corner writing the bday wishes -.- and after dinner i though is like ended and can go walk around or wait for my present, i turned around and saw fei yen talking to the waitress regarding the cake -.- so is like.. oh so i spotted again -.-




haha i was thinking when will they start giving me the present? and we rested infront of ion orchard after walking from orchard central. they passed me the present. when i received it and saw the wrapper. i actually kind of shocked. VERY SHOCKED.. They bought me a watch. I dont know should i say happy or disappointed. but one thing i know is i appreciate their effort for buying the present. Will wear it if it match my clothes that day -.- Watch is a stuff i never ever wanted as it is very troublesome for me to put on before i left house. The only period i required a watch was only during bmt as i am unable to carry my phone around to check the timing -.- but yea… Thanks Reuben, You zheng, Suhui, Sharon and Fei yen.


8th Dec, Sat night, my parents ordered KFC Family combo for my birthday. I realise we will eat kfc as long as there is someone birthday in the family.. kinda lame but appreciated and had a full stomach that night 🙂 .went to aviary KTV. doesn’t really like the song selection there as there are quite limited amount of songs for me to sing. argh.. but i had fun at the end of the day with Eugene, Ching Wen, Jia Ling, Veron, Ee kiat and zhi yan.


On 9th Dec my actual birthday, i went to EOY fest at marina barrage with jon. Can say is really a disappointment. Nothing sells there interest me. Cosplay is like so little. Some are really horrible. In the end i only bought puccho sweets and two packet of pokemon gummi and left the area. I told myself, one day i shall cosplay as power ranger when i slimmed down. BECAUSE I AM NOT REQUIRE TO SHOW MY FACE!! haha..


After that we went to marina square for dinner as both of us had not eat anything before meet up. I always wanted to try suki ya in marina square. Everytime i passed by, i told myself i will come and eat, but always never happened -.- BUT THEN I WENT TO EAT THAT DAY!! The pork and Chicken shabu shabu is awesome.. When dipped the beef shabu shabu into the suki yaki soup, it tasted like the samurai burger!! OMG!!! i actually spammed alot cheese tofu and seafood tofu. end up i am fulled by eating thouse.. so waste money… but i enjoyed it. Actually planned to watch Hotel Transavania as jon say is nice but we didn’t manage to catch it because the timing of the show really too late so in the end we walked around marina square talking rubbish and our life and took bus home. Oh ya, he actually handmade a bracelet for me… haha my hand too big arh, so is just nice.. will get my hand thinner to wear it 🙂 haha… Thx jonathan.


Had a wonderful 22nd birthday although i spend quite alot but happiness is the most important thing!!! THANK YOU GUYS!!


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