I have decided that i will not post any more happy birthday post on my blog -.- cos it actually make it look like is a fan blog when is not -.- but yea i still post all the akb regular senbatsu birthday.. HAHHA..

whatever it is… i actually spend some time redecorate my AKB48 page… the anime page… i guess i will spend some time next week to change it then…

I am so looking forward to taiwan but leh… the air ticket is like so expensive.. argh!!!! keep waiting for the next promotion.. wait till neck also long lah..

but no worries.. i will hunt for the next promotion and get the ticket at once.. muahaha..

recently some new stuffs happened in my life, but i am still confused regarding what i really wan.. why am i moving on without a goal in mind… when my friends asked me have i forgot abt my ex.. when i reply yes, they though i am lying when i am not.. i dun noe how to say but i actually make a decision that i will move on.. BUT WITHOUT ANY GOALS in mind.. is like damn suck.. i dun noe what i wan, what i wan to do etc… great…


One response to “Decided..

  1. Now my blog also slowly become fan blog~ dunno what to write also.. nth special about my life also:) I also have my stage of missing goals previously~ you’ll walk out of it soon ^^ Our Taiwan Trip~~~ Muhahahaha TT

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