Time really flies and now i am officially single and not available. Frankly speaking, is that a good thing or a bad thing i myself do not know the answer at all.

Reason being i will like to keep that as a privacy and decided to keep it really deep in my heart without saying it out. My friends have been telling me, why i am so stupid, why i do not want to move on. my answer is always the same. My answer will be because i love that person really alot. One important thing is i am moving on, i am not living in the past..

Hais. Nvm lets not talk about the unhappy stuff.. This few days i started this intensive training with my friend wei shen. Seriously, training with a friend is really some kind of motivation.

Today is only the 2nd day and both of us actually have ache here and there over our whole body. I had done researched online that this intensive programme i am following is really quite useful and effective. So for those out there, you may wanna try on this methods to slim down and get your stamina. Don’t care about the abs, this training will increase your stamina, strength, will power, speed and flexibility. how awesome is that???

here is a video of it…

Last weekend, went to marina country club with my dear friend Ching Wen and Candy. We went to have the charcoal grill bbq before my intensive slimming down training. Seriously, the food standard is really UP THERE (means awesome)!!! ^^

After that we went to the jetty and took lots of pictures using the apple apps. Seriously it was damn awesome. With the sun, the sea breeze and the freedom over there, is just unable to describe other than awesome. Haha. The most important thing is, the place is not crowded at all. It seem like 3 of us are having the whole jetty for our own entertainment!! muahaha



Next activity will be my friend candy birthday celebration. She want it at east coast park… OH MY GOODNESS!! SO FAR!!! but i dun mind haha..

Going to get my taiwan air tickets this coming saturday with ching wen, veron and jia ling..

YEA TAIWAN!!! i looking forward to it alot!!! muahaha…

Went to watch Fairy Tail movie and Naruto Road to ninja Movie in Singapore Theatre.. My Comments Will be Fairy Tail Movie is way better than Naruto. Fairytail plot is like different and it actually involves all the characters not just natsu alone. While for naruto, is always naruto who will do the fighting. The rest is just supporting Characters. And is always naruto save the day… damn sian… But i am happy that i actually get posters for the movies. It was a free gift by the theatre itself. As for fairy tail, they have this imported book from japan itself muahaha… Will try to understand it though -.-


Any Comment????? Feel Free to Do so :D

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