After so long i finally started a post of my own..

Today was kinda a suffering day for me as my back condition is getting worst..  never really wan to make that issue big so i decided to endure the pain everything by myself.

And out of a sudden i received a msg, after i finished reading the msg, i walked towards the toilet and tears just keep flowing out of my eyes.

I seriously do not know whether that Tears are Tears of JOY or Tears of SADNESS.. i really don’t know..

Tears of JOY cos of is been so long i received such treatment

Tears of SADNESS cos is not the right person and time.

How should i continue with that kind of complicated feeling in my heart… i really wished i can overcome it… but ya…

till date, i am not afraid to say I LOVE YOU…


Any Comment????? Feel Free to Do so :D

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