Erm… Good bye

Erm… let see how do i get this post started??? Ok lets started with i wont mention the person name and the person gender..

ok 1st, i have this friend who is kinda self centered.. he/she actually think that everything revolves him/her. So if i don’t include him/her in the activities i am in, he/she will start to “eh why never ask me?”. But when he/she has his/her own activities or good deals, i was never involved.

After some times down the road, he/she was attracted to twitter. And somehow i was always attacked by his/her tweets for some weird reasons…

And some times down the road, he/she wanted to snatch everything i wanted…

After a long period of time, he/she started to get on my nerves by saying alot of not required stuff.. Because he/she though that money can solve everything.. so he/she actually told me that “MONEY CAN BUY ANYTHING INCLUDING FRIENDSHIP”.. so great.. since he/she are so rich and awesome.. go ahead and buy some friendship with his/her money.. i don’t care..

Like what my friend wesley told me : “this kind of friend bu yao ye ba le” Yea was considering it for very long… and yea.. decided to do so by today…

Good Bye my friend…  i shall see how are you gonna survive with your “MONEY CAN BUY ANYTHING INCLUDING FRIENDSHIP”


Any Comment????? Feel Free to Do so :D

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