Time Flies

Seriously time does fly.. I have been in my current unit for like almost few months le.. Can handle my own stuff here and dere without anyone help.. Dun noe for what reason, hate to rely on ppl le.. dun noe leh it actually give me e feeling that i rather do the things myself then asking others for help..

One thing is sure that i am not one selfish person… i shared my stuff and help others unless i feel there isn’t a need to help cos there are already sufficient help.. so one more person wont make any diff..

Here’s the thing, have been going through the life without you, can say is i am single.. i have freedom. i can do whatever things i want.. i dun nid to consider this and that.. but all these are just the surface.. who will know what i am feeling in the inside? i can laugh and enjoy everything.. but who actually know that i want to share and enjoy the same feelings with you too??

Went to “pub” last month and realise that if you were right beside me, i will be very happy by seeing you stopping me to drink. but then there is no one dere..

Went to universal studio.. i wan to ride the rides with you.. and enjoy together and SHOUT TOGETHER… if i am sick, you will take care of me..

Went to Xiao Long Bao buffet and i rmb i celebrate ur birthday there before..

But one thing i need to say is, although i feel the emptyness but whenever i am with you, be it go out or dinner, i feel damn happy and realise that, that moment of time is the most precious time i ever had… i noe is foolish to wait.. but yes love is blind..

all i can sae is i love you….


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