HQ1388 to CMC

Is been two months since i been posted to CMC. Missed my friends back in HQ1388 but then there is always this saying in chinese that the 旧的不去新的不来.. Kinda understand this right now.

Before being posted to CMC, i had this fear in me keep thinking what is gonna happen when i go to CMC.. So HQ1388 ask me to choose whether to stay at one of their unit or post to CMC which is at kranji camp 2..  I was given a day to thinking. I came to a conclusion that i will go to CMC and faces new challenges. After that i cant help it but keep thinking how is CMC gonna be.. Questions like these came across my mind.
1. How’s the toilet there? (i noe is very lame to think abt this -.-)
2. How’s the ppl there? are there friendly? or they are just like my previous unit before hq1388? (got phobia in this already)
3. Is the superior there nice? so is it like those very GL type.
4. Is there any overnight duty?
5. Will i have my own table?
6. Do i required to climb mountains again?
7. Is there a chinese speaking environment or a english speaking environment?
8. Is the job there very hard?
9. Is the food at the food house nice?
10. How is my upperstudy gonna be like?

All is just like a mystery. The last day i was at hq1388, i dun feel lyk leaving but then i had to accept the fact. Misses friends like marcus who i sit beside with throughout the two months, fremen and ting en who always talk cock with me and the rest of the NSFs too.

The 1st day been at CMC, and all my questions was solved.
1. Clean!!! just that no air ventilation
2. Friendly!!! absolutely
3. Nice. The mdm here is damn friendly 🙂
4. There is no overnight duty! YEA
5. Yes i do now and is all flooded with AKB48 🙂
6. No. There is no mountains for me to climb YEA!
7. Both!! But usually in mandarin 🙂 Swee la
8. Not really as long as i put my heart in it. I can finish it!
9. Awesome except for friday’s food!!! NOODLES OMG
10. See him for like 4 days, so didn’t really got a chance to interact with him. But he is not a bad person yea 🙂

Is been two months, the only ppl who i still contacting with is still marcus in hq1388. The rest like no more news 😦 So sad..

Friends in CMC is awesome. With Wesley the ti ko and edmund the almost everything oso make no sense. Both of them are a joker!! but then they taught me things patiently.. really appreaciate it.. they are really the ppl who i can do crazy things with in the office.. seriously.. maybe one day i will tell them some of my dark secret??? haha… i still cant consider e new guy as my friend yet. Still really cant communicate with him due to his attitude.. Argh.. Keep insists on he did while the fact is he didn’t. argh…

Gonna try my best in CMC till i go back for recourse and come back!!! GAMBATE!!

Any Comment????? Feel Free to Do so :D

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