Because You Were There For Me (Part 2)

A Non Single Life started. Is not like i can do anything without consider how the other half thinks. It was sweet and lovely every single day. Met up everyday , phone and msn at night. For every mistakes we made, we forgiven each other easily by just saying sorry. As times go by, the feelings become too strong and i cannot control my own actions and it become selfish.

I started to want only my partner to stick to me and only me. Do whatever i felt that i am happy with. At this point of time. i didn’t realise that i was actually treating my partner like a bird in the cage. My partner did not had the freedom to choose or speak. I was the one deciding everything for my partner. Harsh time started. I started to take my partner’s strong feelings for me for granted.

Due to some reasons, i wanted to protect my partner so much that i didn’t realise i already lost control of myself. My intention was to keep my partner beside me, so if anythings happened i will settle it but this intention eventually became a problem.

When i came to realise that i was taking advantage of my partner, is already too late. My partner actually agreed to seperations since i always demanded for it. Although my partner agree to forgive me in the end, but things wasn’t the same after that day. And somehow i remembered that day. 20 August 2009..

Any Comment????? Feel Free to Do so :D

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