2011 Flashback

Before Year 2011 Ends… Let me refresh on what on earth happened this year.. Of course is to me to be exact because i am not really interested in the world news or something.. the only thing that affect me is the japan crisis dats all..


Reuben 20th Birthday

Veron 21st Birthday


Chinese New Year

FYP Final Presentation

Class BBQ


Siete Sekai Chalet

Jonathan 21st Birthday

Fei Yen 23rd Birthday

Suhui 25th Birthday


Agnes 21st Birthday (Never took picture on that day PS)


AKB48 Singapore Shop Open

AKB48 1st Concert In Singapore

Jia Ling 21st Birthday


Eugene NS Farewell Celebration

AKB48 Singapore Cafe Opening


Sharon 21st Birthday

Singapore Timah Railway visit before it close down


Vivian 21st Birthday

My NS farewell at USS with Siete Sekai

My NS farewell with PeErS!?

Cw 21st Birthday

NS Lo!!


Gene 21st Birthday


Zy 21st Birthday




My 21st birthday celebration

Bel 21st birthday celebration

Christmas “Celebration”

There are sweet and bitter times throughout.. The most BIG issue will be i enlisted to serve singapore nation… ARGH… and many things happened.. 

My 2012 resolution??

1. Slim down and be 72kg AGAIN!! my ideal weight here i come!!

2. Pass my E test and become a trained ASA

3. Get even more along with my collegue in the office (Enjoy talking to them!!)

4. Secret

5. Cant think of anything else at the moment haha…

* This part maybe something not worth reading but i got to say this.. Friends comes and go everytime. True friends i will cherish and hi bye friends are always hi bye friends.  And yes… I make myself clear instead of going crazy over such stuff…

Last but not least… Guys lets have a great year ahead!!!

Jonathan, Ching Wen, Eugene, Jia Ling, Bel, Veron, Zhi Yan, Vivian, Agnes, Candy, Su hui, Sharon, Fei Yen, You zheng and Reuben!!!

LET’S GO!!!!

1 More day to 2012!!! LET’S GO!!!


Any Comment????? Feel Free to Do so :D

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