AKB48 Singapore Concert Stage 5

Went for the last AKB48 Singapore conert in year 2011.. hope dey gonna have more senbatsu members coming for next year concert… very happy i went for the concert as i can say that is the best akb concert i went so far..

the set list is awesome… i actually didn’t expect them to sing heart gata virus as it had been sang in the previous concert…

The sad part will be we went into the theatre late and we get the standing area.. and this cause my leg to numb for one whole week.. haha.. BUT I ENJOYED THE CONCERT.. During the concert, abe maria from team 4 actually did the best dance in the whole concert.. her dance were awesome and she improved alot compared to when she came for the very 1st stage…

At the end of the concert, they actually have this handshake event.. i went for it.. and i did not know what to say to the girls so what i did was smile at them.. but for sayaka.. i actually speak to her…

Me : Sayaka welcome to singapore and please enjoy your visit..

Sayaka unable to hear maybe my voice too soft.. so she bend forward and i speak to her in a very near distance..

Me :  Sayaka welcome to singapore and please enjoy your visit..


Me : Please come again next year.. We love your performance!!

Sayaka : Hai!!! THANK YOU!!!

I actually content with such conversation sia.. haha…

Here is the set list of the day:

M00 – Overture

M01 – Everyday Kachuusha

M02 – Aitakatta

M03 – Iiwake Maybe


M04End Roll (Matsubara Natsumi, Fujie Reina, Umeda Ayaka, Abe Maria)

M05 – Heart Gata Virus (Maeda Ami, Matsui Sakiko, Nakata Chisato)

M06 – Kataomoi no Taikakusen (Nito Moeno, Katayama Haruka, Tanabe Miku)

M07 – Tonari No Banana (Ota Aika, Nakagawa Haruka)

M08 – Himawari (Akimoto Sayaka, Nakaya Sayaka, Oya Shizuka, Fujita Nana)



M10 – Beginner

M11 – Ponytail to Shushu

M12 – Hikoukigumo


M13 Flying Get

M14 – Kaze wa Fuiteiru

M15 – Heavy Rotation


Next concert!!! NMB48 04/12/2011!!! NMB48 HERE I COME!!


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