AKB48 Official Page ReDesigned!!

Hello if you guys have noticed, you will noticed that AKB48 Official Page had been ReDesigned!!

Lets Talk section by section..

Main Page

1. Navigation

This is much better than the previous one as it also looked much better.

2. Body (Flash)

It look more neat and more visual(maybe because of the flash?).. If you noticed, you can hover your cursor and pop the floating balloon above the bus 🙂 You will see random members faces poping out of the bus window 🙂

3. Links

It actually reorganised to categories. Ex. Sister Group, Sub Unit, AKB48 Overseas, AKB48 Shop etc

4. Release

You can see the latest release by AKB48. Ex. Games, Singles, DVD, Album

5. Latest Members Search

This is the latest features. You can choose to view the member profile by finding their faces in this box instead of clicking the members section at the navigations.

Members Page

1. Front view

The front view are now arranged in boxes. In the past is like a picture. You can jump view to Team A, K, B, 4 or KKS with the navigation on top.

2. Member’s Profile

This is interesting, in their profile you can view their schedule, facebook,twitter and personal blog instead of just their personal data like name, height and weight

For the rest i dun think dere is any big difference i guess.. is jus the design.. but for more information please visit http://www.akb48.co.jp/




Any Comment????? Feel Free to Do so :D

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