AKB48 In Singapore Summary

Omg is like weeks i last blogged.. and yes i gonna summarise up everything instead..

  1. Started queueing at the 15th may 2011 7pm concert at scape
  2. People are cutting the queue as their wish and is very irritating. (1 person helped 10 ppl to queue.. this is seriously WTF)
  3. Saw everyday kachuusha cd in the akb48 official shop rack but is only for display. ( I left my number with them so that if they shipped in any singles or album for akb, they will inform me so that i do not need to run down to the shop lyk almost every single day 🙂 )
  4. Went in to the theatre at 6pm and i was right at the front row
  5. There are alot unexpected stuff.. shall not mention it over here
  6. There is a hi 5 session with all the 16 members..
  7. Manage to took some photo which is like forbidden to take any photos in there… opps.. ( Here are some of the photos )


This is a grp shot provided by AKS. It does not belongs to me and u can find me at the left side of the picture wearing white 😀 kinda happy..

Next will be AKB48 next concert live member list is out.. 

For more information pls visit : http://www.akb48.com.sg/member_list.html

There will also be a handshake event on this coming sat. “From Wednesday, 25.05.11 – Simply spend S$15 at the AKB48 Singapore Official Shop to receive a special handshake ticket*, which will entitle you to the handshake session on 28.05.11 (SAT)” ~AKB48 Singapore Website

Members Attending the handshake event will be :


Sayaka Akimoto


Ayaka Umeda


Moeno Nito

AKB48 Singapore Theater ‘Live’ 平嶋夏海生誕祭Natsumi Hirajima Birthday Special!


平嶋夏海 Natsumi Hirajima will be celebrating her 19th birthday during the 7pm concert! So this like the first ever overseas birthday celebration at the AKB48 Singapore Theater!


There is a Making of AKB48 Singapore Theatre video. Check it out here !!

While For Razor TV there is three parts .. Enjoy Watching It… Although the report are somehow wrong but not all 😀

Part 1 : http://razortv.sg/site/servlet/segment/main/entertainment/64646.html

Part 2 : http://razortv.sg/site/servlet/segment/main/entertainment/64644.html

Part 3 : http://razortv.sg/site/servlet/segment/main/entertainment/64642.html


Any Comment????? Feel Free to Do so :D

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