Change of luck

Had a change of luck since last thursday… Last thursday was a horrible day for me, jon and fish… seriously… especially for me since i was the one “cursing” them and make them swey with me oso… so i was e cursed being last thursday.. so this was wad happened.. Here is the story :

Last thursday, went to IT helpdesk with jon to unjoin the RP domain and who noe the IT helpdesk corrupted our laptop without us noticing.. and we brought our laptop back home while we had the mind that everything were settled. Fish came and we accompany her to job interview.. so we reached inter and the bus 168 just went off. and so we proceed to the mac at level 1. I ordered 2 apple pie and the order was not proceeded correctly as the 2 apple pie were gave to the other customer and i nearly dragged fish down cos she might late for interview.

Reached tampines and we saw the company hitachi and fish was so excited and she cross the whole patch of field and we didn’t noe there were muddy pools up ahead. and yes jon and fish reached the destination which was the hitachi company safe and sound while i had a big accident with my shirt and pants stained with mud..


and i learn my lesson dun ever act smart and must follow jon’s lead. and fish lated for interview thx to my nonsense.

Proceed to tampines 1 to buy my shirt and pants frm uniqlo.. so on my way to uniqlo, one big tree trunks jus dropped right infront of me.. and jon was laughing all e way till i reached tampines 1. imagine i nid to cross century square and den tampines mall and then the interchange and then mrt station and den tampines 1… and how “awesome” it was to travel so many places with those stained pants and shirt.. bought 1 pair of clothes at uniqlo for 70 dollars… seriously BROKE!!!

Went to watch movie and though there were student price on that day and end up dere were none and we were required to pay up 9 dollars for our movie tickets and the movie was really a disappointment. We seperate after movie since we were on our way back home. AND YET dere was a cockroach on the bus on my seat and which was like at the back of my seat and fish saw it and killed it.. seriously i already so swey man!!

Went home and more things happened, jon com crashed and because of my mouth and action, i dragged jon down. Seriously i caused too much problems on that day and i will like to apologize to them sincerely..


Today,i went back to school with sharon and she started a mess with the ithelpdesk ppl. She shooted them as if is free.. Had sharon dreamed subway meal and finally resolved jon’s com to the good condition.

Den during evening, meet up with my partner and went to AMK S11 for dinner. Had 五香 and satay as our dinner… awesome!! bought 2 cadbury bubbly chocolate.. Mint bubbly for my partner while i had the chocolate bubbly. It is damn sweet!! OH GOSH!

The best part is my partner bought the nanoha stuff for me… THX YOU SO MUCH… i shall not be so mushy here… muahahah…

Anyway, I give my graditute to these following people as they are dere to comfort me when i needed comfort most :

  1. Suhui
  2. Fish
  3. Isabel
  4. Sharon

Thank you so much….

Any Comment????? Feel Free to Do so :D

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