Woo… Went to bugis to have my wonderful dinner with my partner… My partner bought indonesia BBQ while i bought Char Kway Tiao.. Den i bought oyster omellete and indian rojak and we share.. is kinda lame dat we dun eat the oysters but i still ordered the oyster omellete. AND YES MY PARTNER SCOLDED ME FOR DOING SUCH A STUPID THING. so end up we left the oysters on the plate when we left.. the indian rojak is out of my expectation.. when i read the review online, it was good but when i went down, alot stuff i expect to have is not there.. anyway is cheap.. 8 items for 5 dollars.. and e sauce is spicy to me but sweet to my partner and the sauce is nice..

Went to illuma and my partner bought me one large KOI ice cream milk tea.. was actually planning to treat my partner the oyster omelette and the indian rojak as i never asked my partner to pay up.. den my partner insist on paying up den i ask my partner to treat me drink instead lo… so yea my partner treat me KOI!!! i saw my cousin working over dere… is been lyk weeks never see her liao.. shall meet up with her soon and tell her that my mum ask her to come over and stay since we are close relatives..

Went to otaku house in illuma, saw a set of One Piece “WANTED” posters.. den wanted to buy but second though is aiyah waste money… wait till i feel i got alot money to spend liao den come back and buy den my partner took out 10 dollars and want to buy give me.. i reject as i dun wan to waste the money on such stuff… den i went to comic shop and found something for my brother bday present.. and is like hell yea!!! KELIC I FOUND UR BDAY PRESENT!!! MUAHAHA…. Went home after that..

Receive the NS enlistment letter and my enlistment date is 22nd aug..  i had e same date as zw and bj.. hope can go in with them together bah… 

And i add in a new link category which is AKB48!!! The category contains those AKB48 members’ blogs i know.. Those i have no ideas who is it, means they are not active since i dun see them often on variety shows and music videos…

Any Comment????? Feel Free to Do so :D

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