Seriously, who the fuck will listen to me… whenever i sae something serious, everyone though i am sprouting rubbish den when i am sprouting rubbish, everyone though i am saeing something real… wtf sia… is like i am living in a world of liers..

Sprain my right arm last night on the bus… and dats really pain… bus 947 driver pull e break at the very last min and everyone fall.. although i manage to stand still right at that moment but i sprained my right arm and is fucking pain right now.. went home with an injured arm.. cant sleep throughout the night with that sharp pain at there.. how am i going to sleep lyk this…

Fyp submission is finally over, but then i still feel the hatred and worry. why is that so? fuck it… due to the stupid situation, is really giving me alot of troubles…

Currently, i am really not in a mood to joke or wadever shit… Everytym i speak, no one wan to reply me.. so wad is the point of me speaking might as well keep quiet… Is not that i dun wan to lend a helping hand is that sometym i am really tired or wad… but is more lyk i kena force and in someway dat i still kena lectured for no reasons…Damn it… wadever… no point talking abt such things, i still gt test to handle and meet veron and e rest after test…. great…i bring 30 dollars… i wonder is that enough not… lol

I am sick of listenng to ppl agn and agn and become other people dog… fuck it

Any Comment????? Feel Free to Do so :D

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