There are times where my feelings are up and down here and dere…. For now… it will be a very depress time… Being sick is not a very good stuff nor feelings.. I seriously think that i really deserve some rest for myself but just that i cant give it.. so was lyk wtf is this…

1 more weeks to fyp submission and meeting the team to do report tmr.. will it be successful or a corrupted one? i jus couldn’t stop thinking why i get such advisor and whenever we questions, we will never get our answers instead we get lecturing.. well hope it all end well instead because i am meeting her this coming thursday since she is lyk so “BUSY” and insisted us to meet her during break time.. i guess dat cant help it.. she is e boss… whatever man… once i submit and after evaluation, she is jus some nobody and i not gonna be bothered about it..

Chinese new year is coming.. The problem is i am not looking forward to it after all the family attitude and e usual ppl, is more lyk is getting so sickening to sit down and have a reunion dinner while i dun feel that dere is any point of sitting down and have it when there is no reunion or something. Why is lyk so tradition to have reunion dinner while i am totally not interested abt it..

Seriously, who noes how i feel? no one gonna be bothered as they themselves have too much stuff to handle.. This UT2 is like killing everyone while i dun give a damn abt it… zzzzz…. i am sick and tired of acting… but no choice, in rp, there is a nid…

Recently, my classmate face some relationship problem and is lyk facing depression, i guess i can understand how she felt, maybe i will end up lyk her too???? who noe…. erm…. shall not waste the time and carry on to my report… cya


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