New Resolution

Guess wad i have been receiving comments that my voice sibei loud and i very jiao wei… is good to receive comments… i am open to all comments if is good i will consider in changing it…

So my new resolution for the following week will be stop jiao wei and talk softly… muahahaha…… lets try this for the following week….

Seriously, i am really happy about i knew reuben,su hui this semester and a clique with them in it including fei yen,sohai,sheng yi, you zheng and our new comer sharon.. seriously i dun feel any stress from this clique.. that day when i was doing some reflection on myself, i cried infront the laptop screen and is lyk wtf… to be honest, all these is really so qiao dat we can really get together as one clique and i am very happy abt it… i wish this clique will be lyk my sec clique which last.. i am seriously sick of short term clique like HI and BYE….

Days are short and i should cherish it… my partner tell me that i should not ask for more things and cherish with what i have not… i tink is true… thank my partner…

Seriously AKB48 really brighten up my life now…

Heavy rotation, chance no junban, river and namida surprise… SAIKO DA!!!!

especially YUKO AND HARUNA!!! AHHHHH KILL ME PLS!!! I am crazy in them already!!!!


Any Comment????? Feel Free to Do so :D

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