When was the last tym i really blogged abt the stuff that are going around in my heart and brain? other den fyp and modules… wad else?

Recently i had been so obesses in japan stuff till i really do not know what is happening around me.. People mentioned that i changed… did i? why didn’t i notice it? is it that i don’t even noe who i m anymore? is kind of confusing anyway..

I really miss the days where everyone are so innocent instead of there showing off these and dat.. Seriously, what is dere to show off? I wouldn’t sae i miss my sec sch days as that was really a plain hell for me.. Every single day living in sch with fear in the heart.. resisted to go sch and fake all sort of reasons not to go sch.. oh great..

I miss the days with Gene, Jia Ling, Veron, Bel, Ching Wen, Vivian and Zhi Yan days when we are still in poly year 1… everyone is so innocent and friendly.. now all started to grow up and start to talk different things and wanted to experience alot of things… aww…

I miss my days with fish, weilie and jon days… we were so happy everytym.. and is all my fault.. why i am so self centered? why? why is it that i cant see who is the one treating me good? why am i always finding fault in fish in the past when she treat me so good? serious… i miss the days with them… we joke and fool around everyday after sch… sat sun go out…. but now because of my nonsense behaviour it end up like… i dun noe u .. u dun noe me… zzz…

I miss my days with my partner oso… although we are still together but because of me agn… i nearly lose it.. i seriously dun noe wad is to be grateful and cherish things… if i knew it long ago…i wouldn’t had suffer right now…. so wad dat i really did felt remorseful.. but do anyone out dere understand how i feel rite now? how i wish someone will…

I decided to take the path where everyone will be happy..   jus gonna be it… i gonna change for it…

And ya i love my partner…


Any Comment????? Feel Free to Do so :D

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