Previously i bought the K-on figurin.. now i m gonna upload the photos in the next post….. haha.. not today..

Last sat went to universal studio again!!! this tym was with my beloved cousins.. is was for gathering purposes but then change to birthday celebration cum gathering… haha i gt no problem with that… we enjoyed ourselves…

Then celebrated fish 22th birthday yesterday at fish n co… went to giraffe restaurant and bar after dat… e best thing was dat our foot were in the water!!! imagine having ur foot in the water while drinking whisky!! it was awesome man!!

My fyp was totally a mess!! i dun noe how to sae but i tink is gonna be a tough fyp for me again for this year…. really why would i wan to consider about how others feel while e reasons are fucking unreasonable? if sae wed working, festival, medical appointment or sick, is still acceptable but go out to play with friends ? wtf reason is this… mon tues thurs fri sat sun fake one? can go out play last tym on these day why not apply to it now oso? why must fucking accompany gf for fucking 24 hours!!! not gonna sae much… if it really reached the point dat i really get irritated… i will jus do it my way… and i mean it…

This semester is gonna kill me seriously!!! a cb faci gave me a C for fucking no reasons..  i m fucking not interested in how ur maid works or who ur maid fucking is….pls fucking concentrate on the lesson and stop being late.. and stop treating year 3 students like fucking primary school!!! nb…

Last but not least… happy 22th birthday fish!!! may the bad things begone and start afresh!! friends forever!!! muahaha


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